What We Still Did Not Know About Wearables

Last week the Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich provided us with a sneak peek into the future of wearable technologies. No less than 22 new or newly applied technologies and product solutions were pitched during the grand finale of the Innovation World Cup took place on February 2 at the end of the European leg of the WT conference program 2015.

Award Ceremony_Innovatoroftheyear2014_15 Winner Sendrato
Special prize Innovator of the year 2014/2015 presented by ST, VARTA, Intel and AiQ

After an already full day of tech industry expert presentations on the latest advancements and market insights, the elevator pitch session provided a high density deep-dive into what goes on in the brains of the fast movers in this industry. The award ceremony followed suit…

What was the main take away? After speaking to several enlightned attendees afterwards the answer to that question is that it depends on who you are asking. The manufacturer looks at costs and market potential, an engineer looks at operability. The VP of business at sales potential…And all of them and many were present at the conference.

For us the main take-aways were:

  • The entire global value chain in electronics is involved in wearable tech. And those who aren´t will be have to get involved yesteryear.
  • There is so much more under the surface than meets the eye. If you think wearable tech is about wristables and fitness, think again!

Please find an overview of all finalists and winners per category by clicking below:

Sports+Fitness Healthcare+Wellness Gaming+Lifestyle Safety+Security

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