What is Your Alcohol Level?

There is nothing wrong with having fun as long as you are in control. Drinking and driving is another story and in most countries driving with alcohol in your blood is legal as long it does not exceed a certain threshold. There are wearables that can support you in your endeavor of not exceeding a certain level. Was the last drink one to much or are you still alright?

Lapka BAM is a nifty ceramic product for reading alcohol level in your body. It is small enough to fit into your palm and is connected wirelessly to your phone. You activate the app by blowing into the device. You don’t need to worry about replacing a mouthpiece because your lips never have to touch the BAM. So your friends can use it as well and the device still remains hygienic. You can get Lapka Bam for $99.

Floome is a breathalyzer that doesn’t only measure the amount of alcohol in your blood but it also counts calories absorbed when drinking. You connect it through the phone’s audio jack and just blow into it. By setting your weight, gender, height and age, the app will calculate how long it should take for you to sober up. Already feel like you are too drunk to call a taxi? No problem! The app can call a taxi for you and provides you with information on restaurants nearby where you can grab something to eat. You can also text your loved ones and let them know your location so they can pick you up. Feel like this is a perfect device for you? You can buy it for around $80.

A device with similar functions is Breeze. It tracks your drinking habits and lets you know your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). Like the previous device, it can also call cab for you and give you suggestions on places to eat. If you are far away from home and feel like you will be intoxicated for a while, Breeze can also find you accommodation nearby, where you can take a rest and face the world the next day. You can get it for $100.

BACtrack as you can probably already tell from the name measures your BAC. Just connect it to your phone and you are ready to go. It tracks your drinking behavior over time so you can see the effect it has on your overall health. You can also write a drinking diary and share updates on social media. You can buy it online for $100.

Vive is designed as a bracelet that contains an alcohol sensor as well as dehydration detector. When going out you can connect the wristband with your friends. When someone from the group has wandered off your Vive starts buzzing on your wrist. By linking it to your smartphone and using the handset’s GPS features, the Vive bracelet can direct you to your lost friend’s current location. Even though the prototype has not yet been released it is an idea especially for young people’s first nights out….

A key size multi functioning device by Aroma Technology features ten different sensors and will be presented at our next WT|Wearable Technologies Conference in Milan on April 29.

The device is called NEXT to me and offers many different ways to wear it. You can measure humidity, air quality, light intensity and more but also allows you to check your alcohol levels. Find out more at our event in Milan!

The accuracy of these devices is not proven in all cases; however, they can give you useful hints on your drinking behavior. So kick back, relax and party on – responsibly.

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