Crazy Wearables

Ever wondered where the wearable revolution will finally come to an end? Well in case you thought smartwatches would be the ultimate tip of the iceberg I have to disappoint you. All kind of crazy wearables have been presented lately – some of them werenice PR campaigns but some of them launched with serious intentions. Here is our ranking of wearable craziness:

10. One of the biggest producers and marketers of fresh fruit and vegetable Dole presented the first edible wearable in February this year for the Tokyo Marathon: a wearable banana.

9. Also for Tokyo Marathon Japanese food manufacturer Kagome invented a wearable tomato dispenser for runners. The device allows runners to consume up to seven tomatoes on the go at the click of a button…

8. WHISKAS Australia was recently showing off CATSTACAM which is basically a wearable camera for cats and apparently a “social way to better understand cats”.

7. Cats are not your thing? Then the smartphone controlled LED Dog Vest “Disco Dog” by creative lab PARTY might be something for you!

6. Back to the humans: Shoe brand Miz Mooz introduced the Selfie Shoe. The shoes help you to look great in your next selfie, almost hands-free:

5. With the project Hairware you are now able to send messages and to control other action on your smartphone by touching strands of your hair:

4. Another hairy device is the iGrow. An in-home hair growth device is that works hands-free device and is cleared by the FDA. It helps you to grow back your hair.

3. D-Free announced a poo-predicting wearable that can tell you now when you need to go! A wearable everyone has been waiting for…

2. CH4 detects your gasses. You put it on your back pocket or attach it to your belt and by using the app you can keep track of the type of foods you eat.

1. Not crazy enough? Free adult content website Pornhub came out with the Wankband. They are claiming that “every day, millions of hours of adult content are consumed online, wasting energy in the process and hurting the environment.” So they decided to do something about it by introducing the first wearable tech that allows you to love the planet by loving yourself. 😉

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