Motorcycle season starts!

When the temperature is on the rise not only animals are lured out of their hide outs. Also motorcyclists hit the road again.
Being a rider is dangerous, though, because riders are sometimes “invisible”  for other road users or easily distracted one moment too long when looking down to their dash – fatal especially when riding fast speeds.

So whoever is going to wake their bike after its winter sleep should take a look at our special wearable collection for motorcyclists in this article:


Heads-up displays are a huge trend in the automotive sector. Skully is up to push this amazing technology into a HUD-System for bikers including several helpful functions like easy answering calls with your voice.

But the most innovative tool by far is the ultra-wide angle rear view camera on the backside of the helmet which provides you with eyes on the back of your head.

Skully Rear view Camera

BikeHud is another a HUD system which you can simply attach to your current helmet system. It gives you simple data without losing  track of the street. They use the effect of the peripheral view to go without transparent layers or projections in your central line of view.


Beartek is giving you more control about the devices that you cannot operate with while driving your motorbike. Think of the beautiful video you would like to catch if you are in the middle of some serpentines. Taking one hand from the handle bar to start your action cam is not an option – just too dangerous. But what if you just had to press two fingers together for a second? This will let you save this moment without being reckless.

Sync Image2

Tech-Air  is giving you the airbag-safety-feeling while you are riding. This system opens in high-speed when you will get into a crash. The technical side is extremly sophisticated because it protects you while keeping free enough to move . A combination that will save your life in a critical situation on the street.


CladLight  is a StartUp from Africa. Their aim is to give you more security by expanding the brightness of your backlights all over your back. This means a lot more safety for you and obviously more attention from other road users which can save your life.