Move Your Body!

Are you doing the yoga poses really correct? What is the person next to you doing that makes him a better dancer? Here are few wearables that intend to help you answer these questions and master the art of movement.

Move has already been presented a few years ago by Jennifer Damour at our conference in San Francisco: It is a beautiful techy garment concept for detecting movement. It can help you to prevent injuries by correcting your physical movement and improving your overall performance and movement precision. It is great for Pilates and yoga because it provides feedback and informs you when you are off your target pose. The information is retrieved from sensors embedded in the garment and sent to a mobile app, from where you can track your performance over time, see where you’re improving and see areas that need some more adjustment.

Movement is not just about yoga Vinyāsas. Another device we would like to mention is Tracky+. Besides allowing you to track your yoga movements it also allows you to track your movements during different sports like tennis, boxing and more.

Notch is a small sensor attached to your clothes that detects and captures your body movement data in 3D. It allows you to improve your movement technique in any kind of sport and create a movement network by wearing more than one Notch unit and pass the data on your smartphone. You can decide on which body part you will focus and record your movement data without interfering with your activity.

Heddoko and Xsens also both offer garments with motion detectors. We recently featured them in another article. Take a look for more details on these companies: A Look at Smart Clothing for 2015.

Having problems with sitting straight? Prana can help you with that. Just clip the device on your pants and track your posture, breathing and breath patterns. It notifies you when your posture is not as straight as it should be. In case you didn’t know slouching affects the way we breathe and with the Prana app you can practice your breathing skills with different exercises.

You like dancing? We have something for all the dancers out there as well.

E trace is electronic circuits attached to a ballerina’s pointe shoes. The concept is based on capturing dance movements and transforming them into graphical visualization on your smartphone. You can even customize it by choosing different functions in the app.

Arki is a bracelet that analyzes your posture and balancing habits by analyzing your arms position and orientation. It can also tell you if you lean more towards one side of the body and compare the symmetry of the swing between left and right arm. It is giving life feedback and notifies you if you have a bad posture by vibrating on your wrist.

From now on you can dance to the beat of your drum. Phonotonic turns movement into music in real time. You just download the app on a tablet or a smartphone, choose your rhythm and melody, pick up your connected object, and start dancing. The fun part about it is that you can battle out with your friends as well. You need two smart objects and an app. The connected objects talk to the app over WiFi and track the way you move using motion sensors. You can generate the melody with one and the rhythm with the other device. So if you are not a dancer yet this might motivate you to become one!

Building muscle mass and burning calories means nothing if your muscles are stiff. We have to invest time in our body and prevent injuries and chronic pain when we are older. We hope these wearables can help you invest some of your time and learn how to move in a fun and positive way.