Preview WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Fashion Edition

For the first time Wearable Technologies will be hosting an event in the fashion capital of Italy. On the 29th of April WT | Wearable Technologies will gather the most ground-breaking technologies with fashion and style. From high tech jewelry to accessories and new technologies that could change the future of healthcare as we know it.

Coming with an exhibition area where companies will showcase their latest technologies, WT | Wearable Technologies’ first event in Milan promises to bridge the gap between fashion and tech. And the international attendees will gain broad insight into the entire ecosystem of wearable technologies.

Here a few highlights of the conference.

What if you could change the pattern or color of your accessories matching your mood or the occasion you are in? iShüu Technologies ,the company behind the e-ink shoe called Volvorii, lets you create and choose different patterns for your high heels! But there’s more: E-ink bracelet tago arc from  Liber8, can change patterns via an app! You wanna see these cool projects in action? Both projects will be on stage in Milan the 29th of April.

But fashionable tech jewelry doesn‘t stop just there. Ear-o-smart is a smart earring which can monitor your heart rate, calories, and activity level. It connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0. Choose different designs matching your clothes or even create your own designs while keeping the same circuit underneath. If you want to see how it works stop by the 15th WT| Wearable Technologies Conference Fashion Edition Milan.

But the conference  is not all about Fashion, Cyrcadia Health will be presenting the iTBra, a smart bra that is able to monitor of breast health. Sensors that are embedded in the bra keep track of the conditions and rhythms in the breast tissue to alert of the possibility of cancer. The companion app gives information that has been recorded and also has a coaching and information section that gives guidance onoptimal breast health and care. The iTBra has been tested on over 500 patients and the information came back to an 87 percent success rate.

Also our friends from Canatu will be around at our WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 – Fashion Edition in Milan. Don’t miss their presentation on bendable sensor tech at the conference. The integration of capacitive touch sensors with plastic molding technologies allows not only 3D shapes but also the extensive use of graphic inks to create fashionable items that can work as accessories with clothing.

Long term partner Exel will be exhibiting in Milan, they aim to create partnerships with the fashion world to create products with textile sensors that can be introduced in the market of wearable technology. You can visit them in Milan or later this year at the MEDICA fair in Düsseldorf.

The WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 – Fashion Edition is part of the brand new Disruptive Week Milan; a week of events focused on emerging technologies such as IoT, robotics, smart energy, and wireless. Make the most of your participation by taking a look at Disruptive Week’s events’ calendar and choosing the event you want to visit along with conference. Also take advantage of the combined ticket offerings for your visit at Disruptive Week Milan!


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