Wearable Technologies Are Still Struggling to Be Seen as Utilities

We interviewed one of our exhibitors at the upcoming WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Fashion Edition 29th of April Milan.

Company Atooma with offices in San Francisco and Rome commented on the status of wearables.

1.What is the most important thing you learned while being involved in the topic of wearable technologies?

It is clear to us that wearable technologies are still struggling to be seen as utilities, but they are easily conceived as gadgets or fashion. We also have seen that horizontal devices like smartwatches are growing in distribution but still hardly reach mass markets. Vertical use cases in wearable technology, such as health care or fitness, seem to have bigger impact. That’s also the reason why we focus on being very use-case oriented with our integrations, trying to give real value to the end user.

2.How can your company help bringing the world of fashion and the world of technology closer together?

We are working together with indoor positioning projects to deliver context-aware and proximity marketing features to brands and venues. We know there is a lot of buzz around these topics, and we want to provide a relevant and innovative customer experience thanks to our platform.

3.What is your favorite wearable product/device (besides your own) of 2015?

We really are into smartwatches for we believe in the importance of filtering and easily accessing the info you need, exactly when you need them. We love the Tizen powered Samsung Gear series, and definitely the Pebble smartwatch, both already integrated within Atooma.

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