A Perfect Golf Swing

Golf is a sport that requires calmness, good technique and precision. In this article we write about wearables that claim to improve all these qualities to help you become a better player.

Approcah S6 is your personal golf trainer. This wearable watch measures motion of your golf swing; including the speed of your club and the power with which you strike the ball. The accompanied software allows visual representation of your tempo training. It even plays audible tones designed to help you improve the timing of your swing.

TomTom Golfer is a GPS connected watch that offers different features for players. It assists the wearer in locating nearby courses. As well, offers the distance to greens and hazards.

Zepp Golf is a small sensor worn on your golf glove. It tracks the club’s speed, swing plane, hip rotation, tempo and backswing position. With this device you can see how consistent your swings are to learn which areas need improvement.

Game Golf is a wearable that clips onto your belt. It allows you to analyze every shot you hit within a round of golf. The data collected includes location, the club used, and the distance the ball traveled. At the end of the round you get analysis your statistics from your smart phone and share it on social media.

The Golf Buddy BB5 is a wristband which tracks distances to the front, center, and back of the green. You can get it in different colors to match your style. The LED display features several modes; time, play, pedometer, and over 37 000 courses.

TLink is a lightweight Bluetooth device that pairs with your smartphone to provide you with mapped GPS yardages to the green. It tracks distance walked, the number of steps you have taken, and how many calories you´ve burned. You can choose from more than 30 000 courses and you can share your results with friends or members of your country club.

SwinByte 2 is a sensor you attach to a golf club. It analyzes your swings and is compatible with both iOS and Android. It visually represents a 360 degree view of your swing, club head speed, acceleration, as well as the club’s face angle relative to swing path, plus many more features.

Golf is a complex game and much more difficult than meets the eye. If you don´t have the time or funds to hire a private trainer these wearables can be a perfect solution for you.

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