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Ah the warmth of summer in America. The hot air brings a feeling of relaxation alongside a bit of spare time for reflecting on American cultures and traditions. What a long journey we have traveled from horse and wagon to wearable technology. In this article you will find some fun, quirky, and even practical wearables to purchase to celebrate your freedom to party on the 4th of July.

Liber8 Tago Acr is a newly developed digital cuff. They spoke at our recent fashion tech WT| conference in Milan. Tago Arc is chic and futuristic. You can fade between customize designs with the click of a smartphone. Be silly with swirls, or patriotic with stars and stripes! Tago Arc comes with three different base colors, priced at $299.

If you enjoy spending your 4th of July on the beach or lake, Spinali Design is created just for you. They have created a wearable waterproof UV sensor that you place on your bikini. You will get an alert on your phone when you should take a break from sun exposure, or apply more sunscreen. The sensor can also be attached to a towel.

LumiGram has been producing high tech fashion since 2011, however you still may have never heard of them. They create wearable technology with fiber optic fabric; a beautiful star-like shimmering material. This material is light weight, flexible, and washable!  LumiGram sews LED lights along the seams of the apparel, which sends photons through the fiber optics to create seamless light. They have designed a diverse portfolio from clothing, shoes, chairs, curtains, and even blankets. Summer of 2014, LumiGram partnered with British Airways to test the well-being of passengers on flight to New York. The gave each passenger a fiber optic blanket, with a head band that collected data on the persons neuro activity. This information is relayed VIA Bluetooth to the blanket. The color red equals anxiety, while blue equals relaxed and comfortable.

Unfortunately this blanket was only used for this experiment. However, LumiGram has clothing, pillows, tablecloths and materials for designers to purchase fiber optic fabric. Feel free to check it out on their website.

Are you the most popular party animal on your cities scene? Perhaps the Anti-paparazzi jacket is all you need to fulfill your July 4th festivities. The jacket is designed by DJ Chris Holmes to reflect the flash from paparazzi cameras; however it works with iPhone flashes too. The jacket is made with glass nano-spheres to give the feeling of invisibility to the wearer. It is on pre-order sale for $205.20.

Fireworks and partyers don’t mix into a safe and secure celebration. Yet, with the successful Disco Dog Kickstarter campaign you can be sure to grab the entire parks attention. The vest is simple; you can control the pattern of lights with your smartphone. The vest is bright; therefore you’ll always have you eyes on your furry little friend.

Staying hydrated is important when drinking beer in the sun. Ozmo has created a portable cup that records how much coffee and water the user drinks in a day. The smart-cup is accompanied by a smartphone app which tracks your hydration and provides daily goals.  Ozmo smart-cup is rechargeable, BPA-free, leak proof, and can sync to your smart watch or Fitbit. Check out their 3 different styles to find the perfect one for your daily use.

WT | Wearable Technologies wishes you safety and relaxation. If you are traveling be sure to occupy the wait with the entertainment of electronics. Keep your foundation strong and your body illuminated with Red, White and Blue.

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