Be Fit. Run Smart.

Check out our latest compilation of running wearables. These new products do more than record, they can coach you!

Do you need coaching on the perfect running technique? Do you hit the ground with your heel first or your toes? Did you even notice? These questions are what Kinematix, in collaboration with IEE, can answer. Their device is Tune, a simple foot sole for running sneakers. It connects to an app on your phone to visual represent how your feet hit the ground, as well as coach you to run as though you are flying. They record your progress, so you can learn how your body is changing due to your training. Tune’s battery power has been tested to last up to eight hours; allowing you to push yourself to the limit. Their dream is to improve your athletic performance.  However, they are asking for help in crowd funding through their Kickstarter Campaign.


ReTiSense made by Stridalyzer , an intelligent insert for your sneakers. Once the insert is in place, you simply put your shoes on, your headphones to your smartphone and begin your workout. You will receive an alert if Stridalyzer notices that you are running improperly. This method of coaching is to prevent injury and improve your strides. Stridalyzer is on pre-sale now for woman and men’s size shoes.


STRYD provides you with the ability to run with power. The device can clip onto your clothing, or slip into your pocket. Invented by Princeton engineers, STRYD assist runners with the basic activity tracking information alongside your personal power zones.

Pear Sports created Pear Mobile Training Intelligence. It includes an iPhone app, Stride Earbuds, and a heart rate monitor. The system is intelligent because it learns your movement patterns, and can become a personalized coach. The earbuds connect to your iPhone, which is connected via Bluetooth to the heart monitor. As you are running you will hear automated phrases of encouragement. For those of you that are afraid your will break the headphone with your sweat, there is no need. Pear Sports designed the system to be water resistance for sweat and splashed. You can purchase the kit today for $99.95.

Orbit by Runtastic is a waterproof activity tracking wearable. Orbit records your activity for 24 hours a day, as long as you are wearing it.  You can wear it as a chest band, or writs band. On the band you can read how many steps/distance you have traveled within a day. Orbit is available for sale at €119.99

HTC and Under Armor teamed up to create Re Grip. It is a waterproof wristable for athletes. YOU can set a goal, and watch you progress as you tone. The data recorded is speed, distance, and calories-burned during the workout.

Do you know when your running sneakers have been over used? Usually your sneakers are no good long before they accumulate holes. Mino allows for runners to monitor the stability of their sneakers, which prevents injuries.  Mino slides into your shoe, under your insole. When you want to know the status of your shoe’s life you can simply press a button and see how many LEDs turn on. That indicates how worn and torn your sneakers are.

IMU-RUn, aka I Measure U Run, is a break wearable you place around your ankle. They are currently running a Indie GoGO campaign for their wearable runners- safety device. The device works congruently with intelligent software to recognize your running pattern and pressure. Then it relays this information to your smart phone or tablet about your running habits which could lead to long-term injuries. Tested for accuracy and durability, IMU-Run will improve your running stance better than a coach.

Activity trackers are at the forefront of their technological evolution. Now, we are seeing products designed to be in your sneakers, and screens on the wristables.  Intelligent data manipulation from activity data is a necessity for growth in activity trackers. WT hopes our runners enjoy the use of these wearable products.

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