Take a Swim!

Summer is here! After a long winter we can finally enjoy the hot sun. Even though we wrote an article Let´s Go Surfing a couple of months ago; WT thought it is best to dive into wearables for the sport of swimming!

Flyfit is an ankle fitness tracker for cycling and swimming. It comes in 5 different colors and it measures wide varieties of parameters. We like it because it also tracks swimming sessions. From now on you can always know how many leg and breast strokes you preformed in a certain amount of time.

Hydro Tracker GPS is attaches to your goggle straps, placed near the back of your head. It is great for outdoors swimmers because it allows you to see the map of your route. Each swim is viewable on a satellite map complete with a zoom function. Hydro Tracker is pre calibrated; therefore it’s just plug-n-go & super user-friendly! You can set your goals to see your physical analysis: including splits, speed, distance, accumulated time and elevation.

Similarly, Instabeaton attaches to the straps of any type of swimming goggles. It reads your heart rate from the temple artery and displays the info under lenses as a color code. What makes Instabeaton cool is no chest belt is needed, which makes it more easy and comfortable for the swimmer. It also measures your calories, number of laps, flip turns and syncs all the data to your personal dashboard to track your progress over time.

From now on you will never miscount count your laps; PoolmateHR tracks your stroke count, distance, speed, calories, times and efficiency. Poolmate HR stores your data, and displays it as a graphical analysis. It is unique because of embedded sensors. For example, the heart monitor works inside and outside the pool. The cool thing about Poolmate HR is that it vibrates when you swam a certain number of laps, distance or time interval. It is a great wearable which informs you on how your progress is when swimming.

Another swim mate for counting laps is Garmin Swim! The perfect swimming wristable to do the math you don’t want to. This swimming watch tracks your stroke type automatically. It also tracks lengths, strokes, distance and more. The great thing about Garmin Swim is that you can share your workouts with friends or coaches.

Amiigo is a wristband that can identify four different swimming styles: breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle and butterfly. Besides counting your arm strokes and laps, it also recognizes activities like walking, running, cycling and many others. Amiigo is perfect for triathlon athletes!

Triton Wear is a small wearable device attached to the back of swimmer´s goggles. It measures 12 key performance metrics like stroke rate, breathe count and distance underwater. The data are sent in real-time to the coach’s tablet and a good thing about it is that up to 30 swimmers can be evaluated at the same time.

At WT | Wearable Technologies, we find that there are a lot of wearables for swimming. We hope you will enjoy your summer in a techy style! As well as staying fit and cool with the use of some of the products we mentioned in this article.

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