Bringing Statistics of Fighting in the Screen to Fighting in the Ring

WT | Wearable Technologies has covered fitness wearables for running, swimming, and now fighting! Boxing or MMA fighting may be one of the most risky sports to participate in today. That is why we see fighting as the best niche market for fitness wearables to dive into. Each of the products below is similar in their sensor tracking- however the body placement and software range diversely. Take a look, and share this article with your fighting friends and family!

EFD, Elliot Fight Dynamics CEO, Wes Elliott, has said, “Health isn’t a routine, it’s a living, breathing, evolving progression.” Anyone who trains for a sport knows that this is true. Dedication is what proves success for accomplishing fitness goals. When one thinks about this in regards to fighting- legal or illegally- the truth is seen in the blood dripping down the player’s faces. That is why Mr. Elliott plus his team has created Strike Tec for tracking movement while boxers train.  The information recorded is punch speed, punch type, punch force, punch count, progress, and storage plus sharing options. Strike Tec provides coaching solutions for athletes and coaches.

In pursuit of athletic perfection; PUSH band is worn on the fore arm of an athlete. PUSH band measures the regular activity – most fitness trackers- yet that data provided is scientifically- validated and actionable metrics that can improve training. Tested for two years and proven to be reliable and durable for all sorts of pressure and action. WT thinks the best part of PUSH band is the sweat-wicking material inside the band, which allows for minimal washing.

Hykso is designed to assist boxers and MMA fighters improve their skills, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their philosophy is to take fighting from art to science. Hykso measures punching and blows received to see how tactical changes affect overall performance.  Thus improving athletes abilities and provides safety. Just secure the Hykso sensor under your hand wraps, connect to a mobile app, and fight! Currently ready for pre-orders! Sign up to receive your Hykso sensors as soon as they become available!

Take care of your body while you train. Do not forget to stretch, and maintain awareness for hydration. The use of wearable technology can assist you in these efforts! Have fun and stay fit!

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