Products of the Future

With today’s progress in the technological development we are not far away from living in a high tech movie such as Star Wars. 3D printings, google glasses, fitness, health care trackers, smart helmets, super skinny batteries and more technical inventions have improved our quality of life. However, technical innovations are at the forefront of improving wearable technology. The next new following products will provide the consumer a further glance into the future.

Technology is helpful in a variety of categories designed to make our life more secure. Microsleep is responsible for more than 810,000 car accidents only in America. To reduce this risk Mr. Jason Gui invented Vigo. Vigo is a new hearable device that tracks patterns in your eye movement to quantify how alert you are in real time. Vigo uses an infrared sensor, an accelerometer and a clever algorithm with the goal of improving your driving skills. Vigo makes it easy to look after you, your friends and family all while helping you drive safer.


Every human needs good rest. They say it is healthy to get at least 8 hours of sleep.
Yet to do this every day is not so easy. Especially if you have sleep problems, you work too much, or you have children to look after. The new comfortable headband from Aurora tries to solve this problem. This wearable lucid trigger and tracker, iWink, is an effective method for safe, all-natural hallucinations. The device is a piece of wearable technology that senses and maps brain waves in order to increase dream recall and control. It is part of the craze for “lucid dreaming” which has a small but extremely engaged community.The product will hopefully go on sale in October this year.

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Also Oura produced their first wellness ring which will be available in September this year.
Oura spoke at our 16th WT | Conference in San Francisco. The Oura ring measures how your body responds to your sleep, rest and active life by analyzing your quality of sleep and your daily physical activity. Its technology is equipped with a heart rate based algorithm, an optoelectronic signal processing and biosignal detection analysis of activity, recovery, sleep and chronobiology.

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Finally there is the new digital tattoo from Moto X. Motorola has found a new passcode alternative- temporary tattoo. It is compared to Apple`s and Samsung`s fingerprint sensors. This digital tattoo allows users to unlock their phone instantly without typing in a PIN. The company uses the NFX technology for this project. Their tattoo is thin and flexible enough to wear on your skin and can be peeled off any time, easily. The waterproof NFC tattoo is the size of a nickel and is designed to last about five days. You are able to purchase a pack of 10 for $9.99 on


Those chosen devices are just a few of the upcoming wearable devices we are going to enjoy this year!
So let’s see what the future of wearable technology can provide us!

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