Traveling with Intelligence

Here at WT | Wearable Technologies we do a lot of international traveling. The story is always the same when you’re traveling with heavy luggage and to a city you have never been before. You make a plan, and life gives a curve ball so you’re forced to put all your belongings on the floor to find your smart phone. Then, once you have it, you throw everything back in your bag and ask google for some assistance. Well fret no more! Here are several wearables that are never too far from your reach that can help you while you travel!

Speechtrans is a wristable that connected to your smartphone to show you on coming calls and SMS. But, it does much more than this – it can translate between languages! Simply speak into the mic and listen for an accurate translation. Then, say switch and the person you are speaking with can speak and translate to your language.

Kyte and Key creates intelligent, well designed, digital accessories that camouflage themselves. Turn your slick leather bracelet into a smart phone charger by simply removing it from your wrist and plugging it into a USB port of their charging wallet. The wallet is available in three different colors for $99.00. The bracelet is available in 4 different colors for $129.00.

Survey Monkey won Kickstarters staff pick and is now accepting pre-orders. Their product, Kokoon, allows travelers to sleep well anywhere. The device is a EEG headphone, which comfortably induces sleep. Kokoon understands your brain while you’re sleeping and can adjust the volume of your music while you sleep, then it wakes you up when it’s the perfect time awake. Of course, it also records your sleep patterns and shares this data with you via their app.

Trakdot is a tech device that you throw into your packed suitcase, and it tracks where your suitcase is while your travel. No need to be concerned about interfering with the airplanes electronics, because once the plane takes off Trakdot’s patented technology shuts off the transmit-and-receive capability to enter airplane mode. Then, once back on the ground it ‘awakes’ by the local cellular network to send your smart device a notification.


Similiar, but different is RocketTag. They have developed a QR code for lost and found items. You can choose from a smartphone sticker, keychain, or luggage tag to place on your belongings. If an item is lost then the finder can scan the code with their smartphone. RocketTag then sends you an email with the location of your belongings. They work hard to keep your identiy secure and your valuables safe!

Triposo is an app that can work on a smartwatch! It offers mini tours and suggestions for fun activities inside cities all across the world. The best feature is its map function that can direct you even when you are offline. Now you can travel with style and intelligences.

The IndieGoGo crowdfunding is live for Live Comfy’s traveling jacket. They have designed a hoodie that ahs air pads in the hood for resting your head while sitting. It also come equipped with a USB charger, and headphones for charging you device and playing music. Donate to see this product on the market by the end of next year!

Wearables are influencing culture and traveling in more ways than more. WT featured three other wearables that assist travelers with directions, and adjusting to new culture – check it out! Now start planning your next trip – for the world is your oyster get out and see what’s out there.

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