Techy Baseball

The beginnings of Baseball starts back in the 18th century; since then this sport became one of the most cultured and popular American sports. Although the sport itself hasn´t reached the same popularity in Europe as it did in the US, there are many Baseball lovers around the world. If only Babe Ruth and other legendary players were here today to know how technology has helped shape Baseball.

Scoutee is small speed radar developed by a Slovene company. Scoutee decided to replace the 40 year old radar technology with a smaller radar that measures pitching speed. You can attach Scoutee to your phone with a magnet sticker, put it on a tripod or hang it onto a fence. You can also record a video of you pitching to view your technique. Finally you can share your results with friends and coaches.

Protect your arm and improve your game! Motus has developed mThrow; a smart throwing sleeve for baseball pitchers. mThrow collects and analyzes key metrics relating to pitching mechanics. As well, it lets you know when it is time to for a break, in order to help you avoid unwanted injuries.

Zepp is a sensor attached to your baseball bat. Via Bluetooth, Zapp can connect to your smartphone to provide you with a 3D visual of your swing technique. The app gives you an option to compare your 3D swing to a pro. Zapp also tracks your improvements; it’s like having your personal coach watching your every move.

We can see that traditional coaching and practicing in Baseball is definitely changing. We are surprised to see there aren´t more affordable wearables out there which could improve your game. But the most important this is not to lose the love for the game. Babe Ruth once said, “Baseball was, is and always will be the best game in the world”.