WT | Asia 2015 Preview

The influence of wearable technology into the modern world has begun to effect people who work in all fields across the globe. No longer are the techy trendsetting hipsters the only consumers with interest in the wearable field. Now WT includes doctors, politicians, athletes, researchers, gamers, families, automobiles, military personal –all examples of how flexible, monitoring, and intelligent technology can enlighten awareness of our influence to the environment (and vice versa how the environment influences us). This increasing awareness is the spark to the work conducted at WT | Wearable Technologies. Our flame is only growing larger for we plan to travel to Asia on October 12 to host a WT | Conference in Hong Kong!

On October 12, we will gather 200 people into an inspirational and international space at the WT | Conference in Asia! Alongside our partner TÜV SÜD, we have encouraged the entire WT ecosystem to clear their calendars and join us at the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel.  TÜV SÜD will moderate the conference and provide their expert insight on how to test and certify devices to be sold in Europe. We will also provide information for you to learn how to gain the brand new WT-TÜV SÜD certification mark for your wearable device!

WT is excited about this event, as you should be too! We have known for years that Asia is the world leader in efficient and cheap technological manufacturing. Likewise, it is the top region for venture capitalist to share their interest in tech start-ups. Together, these facts make Asia the perfect location to end the WT international world tour!

However, the infrastructure within wearable tech is not perfect; therefore as a community we need to increase our sustainable capabilities in order to improve the current infrastructure. WT | Wearable Technologies will facilitate this conversation in Hong Kong, and we hope for any person that is interested to join us. This includes the entire wearable eco-system; from chip manufacturers, software security, R&D scientist, venture capitalist, flexible batteries, application development, to startup companies.

At the moment we have scheduled of a total of 20 speakers to share their insights into their work conducted towards wearables. The agenda has devoted time to the following themes; enabling technologies, medical wearable devices, the greater wearable ecosystem, and finally consumer wearables. WT is happy to welcome the following companies to the WT | Asia conference: Gemalto, Canatu, VTT, MediaTek Labs, Myovolt, Nemaura Medical, Brain Rhythm Incorporated, NevoWatch, and Karios Watches.

For more details please have a look at the event website! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! Otherwise we look forward to you registering for the WT | Asia Conference!