Medical Wearable Devices Blending perfectly into your Everyday Life

Medical wearables have proven their quality, accuracy, and ease of use. They are not only extremely convenient when it comes to measuring body vital signs 24/7, but also become increasingly fashionable. Why should something you have to use every day look clumsy and grey? Blood pressure monitors, activity tracker, glucose meters, and ECG monitors turn into objects you do not need to hide. Or they can be extremely comfortable and / or even “invisible” as patches or stickables – the new hot form factor at the moment. We are happy to have some of those next generation healthcare wearables represented at our joint booth at MEDICA from November 16-19 in hall 15 A23.


Qardio is one of those companies merging the frontiers between lifestyle and medical accuracy. Their devices are clinically-validated and do not only satisfy high medical standards but can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. QardioArm can measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure along with your heart rate. The device is available in several different colours and works with Android, Apple Health, can be integrated with Apple HealthKit. QardioCore is a wireless EKG/ECG monitor and offers more comprehensive insights into your heart health. Over 20 million data points record and analyze the data and unlike traditional ECG /EKG monitors, the device is free from pads, gels and wires and can be worn discretely. The device measures heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, stress level, respiratory rate and activity. QardioBase, their smart scale, fully integrates in the Qardio product family with the app.

Zensorium_tinkéZensorium will present Tinké, the only tracker that measures your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation and heart rate variability to determine your fitness and stress indices. You simply can connect Tinké to your smart devices, and gently rest your thumb on the sensor to measure your fitness or stress. Their patented and proprietary algorithm measures your heart rate variability to determine your level of stress to improve your wellness. The product is validated against medical devices for accuracy.

Also Rooti Labs deals with the topics of fitness, healthcare and wellness and will present several of their products at our booth in hall 15 A23. The company also takes into account the individual preferences for wearing devices. W/Me2 for example can be worn as a heart rate belt, sports bra, or smart shirt and has up to 10 hours battery life in continuous measurement mode. Their A-patch is a comfortable, clinical grade biosensor with 24bit/500Hz ECG recorder captures atrial fibrillation. Together with built-in respiration sensor, temperature sensor and accelerator, the device detects sleep apnea and overcomes the inconvenience of traditional Polysomnography. At MEDICA they will present their latest product Rooti RX which tracks your biometric signals to deliver a better sleep.

One of the biggest trends at the moment is to wear wearables discretely or even invisibly directly at the body in form of patches or stickables. You will not recognize them, they can be worn several days in a row and you can even take a shower whilst wearing them.

Raiing Medical_iThermometerRaiing Medical will be joining our booth with two products you wear directly on your skin: iThermonitor can wirelessly monitor real-time temperature and send the info to a smart device. If the temperature raises over a critical point, you get an alert and get tipps how to act via the free fever management framework. iFertracker can help you to get pregnant. The patch monitors temperature variations in an accuracy within 0,05°C, can predict ovulation and analyze the pregnancy possibility. You can also share the information with your partner. Additionally, the device can predict your menstrual periodremind you of meds, and measure sleeping quality.

WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup finalist 2015 Feeligreen will present both their smart Dermopatch, a flexible electronic plaster driving drugs into the body via iontophoresis, as well as reveal their latest, sports related product. They were category winner for their cosmetic patch for anti-aging treatments or thinning and firming, but their products have several areas of application such as controlled pain-relief, wound healing, or bedsore prevention. We interviewed Christophe Bianchi a while ago; you can have a look at the interview here.

We warmly invite you to talk to our exhibitiors in person at our joint booth in hall 15 A23 from November 16-19. If you are more interested in our Enabling Tech partners, you can have a look at Part 1 of our exhibitor overview and in Part 3 we will introduce our exhibition partners covering the topics rehabilitation, telemonitoring and emergency cases.


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