Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

You also can’t wait for the ski season to begin? To ease the wait for the first snow this year here our latest wearable trends for skiers!

The startup Motion Metrics’ feedback system will easily turn you into a professional skier or improve your already existing skill set in no time. Using custom built sensors placed on the boots of skiers, the system can analyse the finest details of the skier’s movements and weight distribution. Based on this data to the company can identify common mistakes in technique, such as bad body posture or placing too much weight on one ski.

Next one on the slope is Forcite – an Australian company. The company’s Alpine helmet is pretty much all you need in the mountains. The helmet has a 4k built-in action camera, a walkie-talkie feature, headlights, GPS and even a pair of Bluetooth speakers for your music, all in one device! The accompanying app will include auto-footage editing and stat overlay for videos. The app will overlay top speed, altitude, airtime, and distance. Better yet, it will trim out the parts of your footage that are boring, and skip straight to all the backflips and a front side 360’s you did on your last run. Foggy day? No problem! The Forcite Alpine helmet also has OLED fog lights so you can still do your tricks even with poor weather conditions. Fell down and smashed your helmet while doing the buttered pretzel (For those of you who no nothing, like Jon Snow: this is a snowboard trick) Also not a problem. Forcite Alpine is designed to be modular. Send it back to the Forcite team for a quick, cheap and fuss free repair service.

Now you are almost fully equipped! You’ve got a  helmet and the boots enhanced with tech but something important is still missing: The ski goggles! RideOn are AR goggles for skiers and snowboarders who want an enhanced, visually interactive experience on the mountain. RideOn lets skiers communicate with friends, navigate the mountain’s runs and lodges, and play games, all overlaid seamlessly in the center of their vision instead of on the side. So what exactly can you do with these super goggles? See your friends’ locations around you, communicate using audio and video, post videos and stats online to make your friends back home jealous and annoy the ones around you throwing them a virtual snowball! You can also see your location on a map, find ski lodges, restaurants, and bars to make a pit-stop and check queue wait times.

For the most adventurous skiers and professional ones among you, Dainese recently launched the D-Air Ski system. The system includes an airbag which can inflate in a blink during a crash. The surfaces of the bag are connected by micro-filaments, which allow it to expand with a constant pressure over its entire surface area so as to wrap around the skier’s body. Using an algorithm developed by measuring forces exerted by skiers the system senses irregular acceleration as it happens in a fall, deploying the airbag automatically in 25 milliseconds to cover the shoulders, collar bones, and chest. The focus of the product is ski racing and for the moment is only available to elite athletes on the circuit but we are hoping to see this in the consumer market in the near future.

So now only one thing is still missing! Where’s the snow?


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