Take A Deep Breath!


Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that causes your airways to swell; making it difficult to breathe. Respiratory problems are a huge health problem of modern society. In fact, lung diseases are one of the most common medical conditions in the world. Although we know asthma and allergies are often caused by the life style choices we make, common people still don´t realize how much damage they can do to our quality of life. To help protect you from the harmful substances in the air, WT has collected the latest wearables that will give you an insight to the causes of your asthma attacks.

Adamm is a patch that alerts you just before you are about to have an asthma attack. This portable and flexible wearable was developed by an American company called Health Care Originals from New York. The patch detects your heart rate, respiration, coughing, and breathing sounds. It is connected to an app that lets you know when it is the time to take your medication. It also collects a record of data, therefore the next time you go to the doctor you will be able to provide accurate information about your medical state.

Researchers at ASSIST have developed wearable sensors that are powered by the patient’s body heat. The sensors can monitor the sound of a patient’s breathing and wheezing sounds. This allows for a more objective assessment of the patient’s wellness. The pitch can tell a doctor where in the lungs there seems to be a problem, thus helping with further treatment.

Breathcount is a product that allows you to monitor your asthma. All information about a patient’s state is available online in order to help you understand if your asthma is getting worse or not. There is not much information about this product, but we will keep you posted and let you know more about this cool prototype as soon as we know more.

Propeller is a sensor that attaches to your inhaler. It monitors how much medication you´ve taken. Then, it syncs the data with your app to provide information about when it is necessary to use the medication. This is a really good idea because now you can see your statistic and understand which locations are more likely to trigger respiratory problems.

Wing is a small sensor that helps you predict your asthma attacks before they happen. You plug it into your smartphone and simply breathe into it. Wing can determine your lung capacity by measuring how much and how fast the air is that you can blow out in one second. The Wing is connected to an app that tells you what “zone” your lungs are currently in. For example, the green zone means your 80%-100% of your personal best, yellow 50%-80% and red zone equals 0%-50% of your personal best.

Company iSonea has a variety of products that will help you with your breathing problems. AirSonea is a device connected to your smartphone. It is  able to track the users wheezing rate. It is a great tool that helps you manage your asthma. If you want to know more about their product for monitoring asthma please have a look at their website.

We think it is very important to track and collect information in order to help you determine what triggers your asthma attack. It is very helpful for the doctors to see data about your breathing patterns over time. This allows  them more insight about how your lungs react over time, thus allowing for benefical  treatment.

Medica 2015, the largest health trade show, is just around the corner from November 16-19. We would like to invite everybody to stop at our booth to see 24 of the world´s best wearable healthcare companies demo-ing their products. You can find us in Hall 15 – A23 right next to the famous Connected Health Care Forum. For more information about Medica please visit our website.

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