The Best Health Apps For Wearables

The healthcare organisations across the world are facing billion dollar challenges in savings, service improvements and aging population. The application of innovative wearable devices in healthcare promises to be a great solution for the current issues. When patients move from clinic to clinic, their electronic health and care records will move with them, quickly, economically and securely. People acknowledge this as excellent technological evolution. Therefore, scientists and engineers are working so hard to diversify and functionalize wearable devices for health and wellness monitoring. Among many good health monitoring devices and apps in the market, WT | Wearable Technologies has examined the best wearable health apps for you. Besides, if you wish to experience these various products, which are now available in the market, our WT | Wearable Technologies Show 2015 MEDICA is on 16th November.


Hexoskin creates innovative wearables in the form of clothing. Hexoskin smart shirt includes three comfortable fabric-based heart rate sensors woven into the garment. With the Hexoskin app, you can see your heart beat in real time with ECG and your lung activity. This is an attention grabber! Additionally, Hexoskin app analyses your heart rate with resting heart rate (the lowest number of heart beats per minute (bpm) when you’re awake), maximum heart rate ( the highest heart rate you can achieve during maximal exercise), heart rate recovery ( the number of heart beats per minute you lose between the end of a peak intensity exercise and your pulse after 60 seconds of recovery) and heart rate variability (provides information on stress and training). The Hexoskin app allows you to control other metrics such as real-time breathing rate, volume, steps, cadence and more. Hexoskin is the best choice for people who want to live with a healthy heart.

Withings health mate

The Withings Health Mate app from Withings is the best friend of anyone who cares about their long-term health. It is designed to help you control your weights, exercise patterns, blood pressure and sleep. Withings Health Mate is equipped with the best Withings Smart Body analyser. This is because Withings believes living healthy starts with knowing where you stand. The Withings app stores your data history, which allows you to understand your body and improve it over time. A healthy body requires motivation, and accurate awareness. Moreover, the Withings Health Mate cares about your peace of mind through your blood pressure. Thus, the app will remind you regularly to monitor your heart and then share your data with your doctor and loved ones. It is always better for us to care and receive care.

S Health app

S Health app has embedded a sensor in Samsung Smartphones and wearables. S Health can track your everyday activities and encourage you to set targets to reach your milestone goals. S Health accompanies you whether it’s a single step, a bite at lunch or time soaking in the sun. The app tracks it all. In addition, the S Health app helps you to measure and manage your health and environmental records such as heart rate, SpO₂ and ultraviolet.

Apple Health app

The Apple Health app is underpinned by a framework called Healthkit, which acts as a hub for all health data collected by your apps and wearable devices. The purpose of the Health app is to enable other-third party apps to access your health data, to receive a clearer picture of your health. According to Apple Health app support page, the app is divided into 3 important parts. The first one is the Dashboard giving you an overview of your data. Secondly, the Health data tracks your body measurements and physiological data. Last but not least, you can control how other apps work with Health app with Sources. Additionally, medical ID can store and display your important information.


Qardio app

Qardio connects with a wireless blood pressure monitor or a QardioBase smart scale to enable you to track your heart health and monitor your blood pressure to let you see how it changes according to the time and place. Besides, Qardio app also works with Apple Watch to help track all your heart health blood pressure and weight management data directly from your wrist. Qardio app works well with the Apple Health app to enabling easier health tracking – all your health and wellness information is located in one place.

Ovia Fertility app

Apple Health app can track even a women’s fertility in cooperation with Ovia Fertility app; which can synced with Fitbit, Jawbone, and Withings fitness tracker. You can integrate Ovia Fertility app with the Health app to share blood pressure, body weight, steps, and body temperature to track a women’s cycle, predict fertile window or even track irregular periods. Along with Apple Health app, Ovia Fertility is the best company for women to understand their bodies inside out.

These are some of the world’s leading monitor health applications. WT | Wearable Technologies hopes that we are making more productive and healthier lifestyle for all people of the world.

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