Living With Alzheimer’s

Memory loss, disorientation are all symptoms of Alzheimer disease. It´s painful to see when your loved one doesn’t recognize the area where they lived their whole life. To keep them safe and sound we decided to write an article about wearables that will help you face this disease.

Clevercare is an emergency alarm that allows patients with memory loss to be a bit more independent. This wristband is cool because it allows patients to be a bit more independent. The care taker will now always know where their loved ones are and will get a notification if they approach the areas that could potentially be dangerous for them. Patients also get reminded about when to take their medications and other daily tasks like locking their front door.

GPS SmartSole is embedded insole that gives you a real time information about where you loved ones are at any given time. The insole is connected to an app and can be used also for children and is a great tool for locating your loved ones in case they wander off.

This next device is not necessarily meant for patients suffering from Alzheimer disease but for elderly in general. Hip fractures are a number one cause for immobility for seniors. Hip-Hope is a hip protector belt, providing impact absorption. A special system inflates air bags and alerts care takers as soon as they get triggered. We can´t prevent falls from happening, but with this product we can influence a better result when it happens.

We know these product cannot necessarily substitute a care taker, especially in a faze when the disease is progressing. What it can do is help patients be a little more independent and give them at least some control back.

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