Rock That Wall!

Rock climbing is not just a sport. It´s a way of life! It takes a lot of practice, patience and facing your biggest fears. You get hooked on it, or you never want to do it again, once you gave it a try. Although rock climbers don’t get a lot of help and they are up on that wall completely depended on themselves, we still manage to find wearables that will help you improve your climbing technique.

Climbax is a wristband that collects your climbing data. It detects your individual move and helps you improve your climbing technique. At the end of your session you simply download all the data from the wristband to your computer and see your results. We think it is a great idea because you can compare your results over time and see which areas need improvement.

Another cool wearable that can also potentially be used in rock climbing is Nixie – a flying camera. It gives you a unique perspective of what is happening on earth. It is a wristband that sets off and flies above you whenever you want to take a photo. Although it doesn´t track your climbing skills it can take unique photos of people in action that were not possible until now.

We would like to see more wearables that will help you enhance your climbing experience and give you a better understanding about how your movement effects your technique. We hope to see a lot more products in the future and don´t worry, we will be there to give you an update.

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