An Interview With TouchOne – It’s All About A Flexible Keyboard

  1. Please explain your product to those that have never heard of it before.

TouchOne Keyboard works on Android Smartwatches, which is claimed to be the first keyboard working with both round-screen and square-screen.Users of TouchOne are easily able to learn to type within a minute and be able to easily type up to 32 words a minute on a smartwatch. The keyboard has been extensively developed with human finger ergonomics research, so even users with big fingers should easily type on small screen.


  1. What is the inspiration behind developing a keyboard of smart watches?

The current QWERTY keyboard (which is designed for rapid 10 finger movement) is simply not working as well as it could be on  today’s small screens. QWERTY Keyboard works well only there is enough space for the 108 keys. Yet this is not without its own set of limitations; to put it somewhat indelicately, big fingers make typing on small keys hard. That is why to date smartwatches have only enabled voice control, however this can really only be an interim solution that raises many privacy and security concerns. We for one never feel great about sharing our credit card information in a crowded space, let alone saying it out loud. Sensitive info aside, let’s be honest, who really feels comfortable verbally replying to a message in public? So there is a strong need for a dedicated Smartwatch Keyboard.


  1. What are the features of TouchOne that are unlike any other wearable on the market?
  • A dedicated design to support all small devices, tested and proven to fit any screen size down to 1.18 inches
  • Compatible with most of Android Smartwatches, from square to circular
  • A Full keyboard solution for small screens with Number, Punctuation and Emoji
  • Finger sized keys, certified for large fingers
  • Designed for human’s finger ergonomics
  • Average learning time is less than 2 minutes, top typing speed is 32 words/minute
  • One touch typing experience, easy and intuitive


  1. What was your experience like when you exhibited at WT | Wearable Technologies Conferences?

The WT team is a very professional team, which has delivered a strong marketing stragetic. As one of the speakers in Wearable Technologies Conference of Hong Kong 2015, we have grained a lot of market opportunites. We love the experience in WT.


  1. How will TouchOne evolve with the wearable market within the next 5 years?

We are the only solution which will work on Circular and Square interfaces, plus we have developed a dedicated way of typing on small screens. Therefore, we would expect that every smartwatches in 5 years should use TouchOne keyboard.


  1. Where do you see TouchOne’s biggest customer segment?

Our major customers will come from Smartwatch users.


  1. Lastly, what is your favorite wearable?

Huawei Watch is my best favorite.

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