Smart Belts? Are They Really Back On Stage ?

Smart technology integrated into clothes, for example belts is not a new idea. Recently smart belt from technology giant Samsung has just come back on stage at CES 2016. This event caused us to noticed that smart belts are peaking back onto the market. Are the consumers ready for a come back ?

In the past, the idea of smart belt :

This SMART (Seizure Monitoring and Response Transducer) belt is one of the first ideas about smart belt on market by a group of graduating seniors from Rice University. SMART is dedicated to help people living with epilepsy. Two silver chloride electrodes are integrated into SMART to detect changes in skin conductance. By noticing changes in respiration rate and increased build-up of sweat on the skin, the belt can wirelessly send a message to a parent or guardian to take action.

At the moment, smart belts at CES 2016 :

Samsung Belt Welt
Welt looks like a normal belt but it is actually a smart wearable healthcare belts. Welt is capable of recording the users’ waist size, eating habit. It also track steps, inactive time (such as sitting down.) Then, the data collected is sent to an app for analysis. After analysing, the app produces a range of personalized healthcare and weight management plan.

At CES 2015, Belty introduced a smart belt that adjusts when you eat too much. The Belty automatically adjusts to your expanding or shrinking waistline and tracks those changes for you.

At CES 2016, Belty merged fashion and technology. They altered their Belty design to look and feel high-end fashion. The very special point of Belty is that artificial intelligent is integrated to promote a healthy lifestyle. It helps you enjoy simple moments throughout the day by encouraging you to do the little things that can have powerful impacts on your daily life. It does this by sending good vibes your way! How? For example, when you are walking Belty can increase your walking pace through rhythm. In addition, Belty Good Vibes can actually communicate with you by vibrating real-time to help you and your body take action. The smart Belty can learn from you when you tap on the buckle.

It is obvious that nobody wants to walk around looking like a computer. Therefore high-tech clothes are becoming more casual. Smart Belt has been back on stage with a more fashionable and attractive look. Is it a decade of high-tech fashion? Let’s see if there are more classy techy belts on the market. WT | Wearable Technologies will keep you updated!

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