Get Lost & Take a Hike as Far Away as Your Wearable Lets You

This article is the for tech and adventure lovers. Such as, Folks that enjoy getting out of the house and into the wild – but still like to comfortability of being connected to their loved ones at home. Overall the devices listed below can work for many different activities – which enhance the possibility of constant use.

Suunto Ambit3 Peak is a smartwatch that has a battery life of up to 30 hours. It is waterproof, therefore ideal for any triathlon or multisport athlete. On top of that, Ambit3 Peak is able to provide training programs and recovery time to ensure for healthy and accurate solo training. The reason I thought of this watch or hiking, is because it has a compass, weather data, and altitude measurements. So, if you somehow get lost in the woods for 24 hours, you will still have a working smartwatch to guide you home no matter the random circumstances.

Garmin Fenix has many generations. This watch is specific to the masculine look, mainly because it is jam packed with features that it looks bulky. Fenix is able to do many forms of GPS within every country of the world. This is ideal for those explorers that also enjoy adventuring throughout the entire globe. Alongside GPS, the Fenix is able to record the basic activity tracking and provide navigation (including elevation). Just like other running wearables, you can see the path you traveled once paired to a smart phone.


Casio created an outdoors smartwatch for trekking, biking and fishing equipped with solar charging. Their watch measures direction, altitude, atmospheric pressure (for changing weather patterns) all within an easy to use watch form. Not only is the form easy, but the software is great for analyzing your movement. At the end of the day, you can watch a time elapsed of your travel speed in real time. One of the fun features of the Casio watch is that it counts down to sunset or sunrise; therefore you can make sure you are in the right place at the perfect moment to watch the movement of light.

Another form of a Walkie Talkie is the Gotoky, from Slovenia and the Netherlands. Gotoky is a keychain wearable that conntects voice, text, navigation and emergency beacon service. The cool part about Gotoky is that any of your friends can have a Gotoky and automatically be within your network. You can speak together, or communicate about your whereabouts. Gotoky is not yet for sale, but you can sign up for pre-relseases.

Aria Wearables created their wearable product out of Milan. They have choosen the form factor for shoe insoles. So, if you are the person that likes your basic watch but gets cold feet easily – than this is the product for you. Equipped with wireless charging, soles can warm or cool your feet while counting steps, calories burned, and distance traveled.

Tespack is a solar powered backpack. They have several bag designs, large or small. The solar panel sits on the outside of the pack – it has a charging station that can be used to charge multiple devices. Tespack is great of people who spend longs hours outside, for work or pleasure. You can be sure that on those sunny days you will have enough power saved up to charge any tech devices you have with you. If you are into Star Wars than take the 35 seconds to watch their short video:

Lastly, let us celebrate the ladies that hike and want to maintain a feminin look. Lululemon is selling the Run All Day Pack – with a fibre optic panel for those dark hikes home. This pack is awesome. It is small but mighty with durability and storage capabilities. You can place your tablet or small laptop, phone, wallet, camel back water pack or a water bottle. The design fits high up on your back as to relive back pain. You don’t have to worry about breaking the fibre optics because the entire outside of the bag is water resistant.


Enjoy the outdoors this spring. Take a hike and smell the roses all while wearing your favorite wearable device.

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