Introducing The Smart Ways to Hit the Slopes

We talked about skiing products a few months ago – yet it seems like the opportunity to better your snow skills is everlasting. Particularly for the places that have cold weather for a few more months. Below we explore newly released skiing wearables that are still being crowd funded or are making their way into production. We are not able to provide prices at this time, but please check in with the company’s waiting list if you love these products.

CARV is for the tricks-n-flips skiers as well as those that wish to gain ideal form. The product is a boot insole, with smart pressure sensing sensors. The tracker can use the data from your acceleration and speed alongside the pressure sensors to send you coaching suggestions. CARV can allow you to have fun on the fast and slippery slopes, while also maintaining a training attitude. With that said, the customer segments for skiing doesn’t end there – CARV also works for cross-country skiers, racing, and Olympic athletes. This product has not yet hit the market, for the CARV team is asking for Kickstarter backers – act now because the funding ends at the end of March 2016.


Yodelup is the 1st “on-glove” wearable.  This means that the Yodelup is a wrist band that will wrap aroud the bottom part of your skiing or boarding gloves. The idea is to enable better control of your technology without needing to take your gloves off. The system works like a walkie-talkie to other friends on the mountain, plus hands-free control of music, and durable for all conditions. Yodelup can pair with IOS or Android devices. It comes in several different colors, and is very simple to use. If you are into this idea, back them up on Kickstarter before March 24th, 2016.

Skiiot is a tool for cross-country skiing. The data is collects involves the physics involved in skiing, the track conditions, your bodies health and the weather. Skiiot is a small cube device that can clip onto the side of your skiing boots. The software is where the true fun starts, because with their easy to use interface you can choose what data you care to know more about; for example I would only want to know my heart rate, altitude and distance I traveled. For a much more experienced and competitive person, you may want to know all the metrics recorded to better train yourself. Skiiot is based in Finland – therefore these creators know the world’s best snow trekking solutions.

Intelligent Protection Technology is presented to us by In E Motion. They have an ingenious product of the wearable airbag. This airbag is worn as a vest under your skiing coat. The vest detect unavoidable falls (like when you are trying to nail a back flip) in less than 100 milliseconds. The vest will inflate along the spine, neck, and hips to protect your most precious bones. Their video does a beautiful job at describing the capabilities of their product- take a look. It will go on sale by July 2016.

Be safe of the slopes and have fun playing with the many different methods of recording your data and staying aware of your body’s movement.

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