Latest In Pregnancy Wearables

Pregnant women care more about what’s happening to their bodies in respect to how it affects their baby. This worry was the basis for the reason health monitoring wearables designed for women to learn more about their pregnancy.

Bloom, a San Francisco-based company, has created a wearable device for women in their third trimester. The product Belli helps pregnant women understand how their bodies are preparing for labor and track progression on the big day. With a small sensor worn discretely under their clothes, Belli measures the frequency and duration of contractions and sync that data  with the phone. Moreover, Belli can automatically count contractions. This information is extremely helpful because it provides an early indication of baby’s and mom’s health.

Belli is not the only product on the market for women in their third trimester. Here we have the TinyKicks as well. It is a small and flexible device to wear on the belly during the time of third trimester. It can senses the baby kicks and separate the baby’s kicks from mom’s movements. The kicks are monitored continuously and the information is uploaded automatically to smartphones to reduce stress and worry for women during pregnancy.

Babypod is another pregnancy health wearable device that you can take advantage of. Research (that directed by Institut Marques) shows that music has many benefit for the human brain, which takes place throughout all of life. Thus, Babypod has developed a tool to allow moms to stimulate neurons in the fetus’s brainstem. The small device plays music directly to the fetus, promoting early attempts at vocalization.

Being overweight during pregnancy can negatively affect the health of the mother and growing child; therefore managing weight while pregnant is essential. This is the reason why the HAPIfork is here to assit your dietary management. The smart fork has a screen to display how long it takes you to eat your meal, the amount of “fork servings” and the time between “fork servings”. For that have never heard, a “fork servings” is every time when you bring food from your plate to your mouth.

Last but not least, Carin is born from the mission to empower women to feel confident again in their bodies. With the combination of Carin track, Carin exercise and Carin protect – it is able to help women develop strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles after giving birth. Besides, Carin is a solution for urine loss –one of the last remaining taboos in women’s health. How does it work? Carin track is a wearable sensor designed as Carin protect underwear. It tracks your progress although you won’t notice wearing it. Carin exercise is a pelvic floor exercise app: it guides you with core exercises, keep you motivated and gives feedbacks on your progress.

So, step into the wearables health revolution and have a fun and safe pregnancy!