Smart Helmets Will Keep You Safe

Protecting your head is the rule of thumb while riding a bike or working on a construction site. Not only that it keeps you safe, helmets have become imbedded with different technologies in the past few years that gives you a totally different experience.

LifeBEAM is a smart helmet that monitors your heart rate, counts your calories, gives you an accurate analysis of your performance, and protects your head. Optical heart-rate sensor is integrated into the helmet which means no chest straps are needed. The highlight of LifeBeam is that they began creating products for the military and have slowly moved into the consumer world. This experience grants them highly accurate data – better for you to know what you body is doing.

Mohawk is an action camera that can be attached to any kind of helmet. It allows you to record a video or take a photo, track your activity and be your emergency system all in one. It is connected to an app that allows you to share your adventures with your friends. It also tells you how fast you go, the routes you´ve taken and much more. An interesting aspect about this product is the Black Box that allows you to see all of your information and activities that occurred 2 minutes before the crash. It also locks down the last two minutes of the video so you can review it and see exactly what happened.

We have already mentioned Skully and BikeHud in our previous articles. For more information please read our article Motorcycle Season Starts.
Babaali is a company known for developing smart helmets. They integrated Bluetooth optical heart rate collector into the helmet for tracking your heartrate. The helmet is connected to an app that shows you your heart rate statistics. Another cool product from the same company is called Smart Construction Helmet. Smart Construction HelmetIt measures your heart rate, speed, temperature, oxygen, VOC and pressure. For more information about the other selection of helmets please visit their website.

Daqri Smart Helmet is tailored to the person´s field of work and the industry he is working in. It helps laborers work free hands because all machine information and instructions are displayed on the visor. The prices of these helmets are higher and will be mainly sold to corporations and not to individuals.

Last but not least is Livall cycling helmet. LED lights on the helmet keep other drivers aware that a cycler is on the road, which comes very handy while driving at night. Led Lights are controlled via a handlebar-mounted controller that is connected to the helmet via Bluetooth. Another cool thing about this product is that cyclers can communicate via walkie-talkie function and in addition all text messages get convert into a voice mail. No texting and driving!

The wearable industry is taking over every aspect of the market. It is interesting to see how different functions can completely change the wearer experience and make it more unique and interactive. Stay tuned, there is much more to come.

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