Smartwatch? No, It Is The Smart Strap!

Smartwatches can do just about everything – push notifications from your phone to your wrist, send texts and track workouts. Designers have also created many styles from classic to modern to satisfy the common consumer. Various solutions are provided to transform our world of watches. Nowadays, there is another way to make your current watch smart (or your smartwatch even smarter) with the smart straps. Below are companies with smart bands available on the market.

Recently, we welcomed to the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Barcelona, CEO, Hussain Ahamed of MainTool. He presented the idea of how to make any watch “smart.” The MainTool strap is an awesome solution for watches that are integrated into the same functionalities as current wearables. For example, including sensors to monitor health like heart rate, activity and sleep. Moreover, it receives notification of text, alarm, email or rejects a phone call. A plus is that you don’t need to worry about battery life because it is active up to 20 days.

Wotch strap was also shown off at our WT Conference in Barcelona. This product was born from a team of passionate watch lovers. Wotch E-strap focuses on fitness functions, NFC payments and notifications from your phone. You can keep your existing wrist watch and embrace the benefit of a smartwatch.

uBirds product, Unique, brings to us another smart straps to discover. The purpose of the smart straps is to take the best advantages of smart functions without changing human habits. The smart straps can help monitoring activities including steps, speed, calories burned. uBirds expands further by being equipped with NFC Technology. This means you can upload your office pass, gym card or hotel room key to Unique. This opens your laziness into a whole new world of lazy by allowing you to access everything with just a swipe. WIth one step further, Unique has a gesture control mode. If you are curious take a look at the video below.

The luxury brand Montblanc also entered the wearable market with their e-strap. Montblanc e-strap is an interchangeable strap, with an integrated technology device that offers an activity tracker, smart notification, remote controls and find-me functions. It goes well with the Montblanc app.

Samsung TipTalk
Samsung TipTalk is a brilliant smart strap meant for traditional watches. TipTalk effienciently adds notifications, calling features and fitness tracking to any normal watch. The most distinguish feature of TipTalk is how it receives calls by just pressing a finger on the ear – all because of the combination with a latest praiseworthy UX. ECG and PPG reader. These sensors are embedded into TipTalk for measuring stress level, heartbeat, breathing rate, skin temperature and body fat. The cherry on-top is the battery life of up to 7 days.

The watch industry is getting smart. However the question remains if the public satisfied with tech-enhanced classical designs or do they prefer fully-fledged apps on their wrists? Let’s see how the watch world moves in 2016.

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