We Are On A Mission – Interview with Tinsel CEO, Aniyia Williams

Recently I was given the priveldge to sit down with Mrs. Aniyia WIlliams and try out her awesome fashion wearable, Tinsel. This necklace is chic and cool – now you can look good and wear headphones. That’s right; no more ugly and uncomfortable headphones that break after 1 month. The chevron style allows for prime trendsetting, all while acting cool and listening to tunes. You can also take calls, and input voice control to Siri. A nice feature is that you can easily hide the earbuds if you don’t want to listen to music anymore, and still have a rocking necklace. I’ll tell ya, it is quite a fashion statement this company is making – innovation overload. Below is a write-up of our interview.

  1. Please explain Tinsel to those that have never heard of you.

We are on a mission to transform tech essentials into fashion accessories for women. Our first product is an audio necklace, The Dipper, which cleverly conceals headphones within its design.

  1. What was your inspiration for morphing headphones into a necklace?

The idea for Tinsel came from my love-hate relationship with headphones. They’re something many of us use on a daily basis, but are constantly stuffed at the bottom of a bag, tangled or getting lost or broken. I realized that by wearing them on my body, many of these issues would go away…but white rubber wires don’t match my outfit.

  1. Tell us one of the best feelings you had during the product development process of Tinsel?

Overcoming challenges that seem unsolvable. There’s a constant balance you’re trying to strike between the stylistic elements and the tech. There were a few times when we thought something couldn’t be done or fixed, but after trying new approaches and ideas, we’ve been able to solve problems.

  1. Since you are converging tech and fashion I am curious what you think tech lacks that fashion can make up for?

I think it’s missing an overall commitment to style. Making something pink or leopard-print doesn’t make it fashionable. You have to conceive the tech and beautiful form factor together, and they cannot be uncoupled.

  1. Do you have any advice for fashionistas that wish to join the wearable industry?

Drop me a line. I love making new friends. 😉

  1. What is your favorite wearable?

Well, I’m a little biased here, but I think I’m gonna have to go with Tinsel’s audio necklace!


If you are sold, then go to their website to reserve your very own Tinsel!