Wearables for Your Next Road Trip

When you plan to travel around the world there is one important thing to think about: your baggage. By partaking on a road trip you can carry a backpack with all your stuff in it. So… It should not be heavy. That is why wearable technologies can be very useful for you! They are smart, small, lightweight and innovative!

Let’s start with one of the most important things during your road trip: The Camera. For pictures are ideal to take and keep as souvenirs.

Everyone wants to share what they have seen during their vacations. With the Camera DxO ONE you are now able to capture amazing pictures with a miniature format! This is a revolution! This will not take place in your backpack – only 32 mm high – and the picture or video you will take with it will clearly be in a better quality than your 5 years old standard heavy camera. The plus is that you can take pictures or videos with or without connecting your smartphone and this innovation is already on the market.


The second product will also provide you incredible souvenirs from your trip. Welcome to NIXIE! This is not a standard wristable because it can transform itself into a drone and capture pictures and videos in high definition. Film yourself during climbing, trekking and capture the landscape. The upside is that it is easy to use; a simple gest and it flies! But, do not worry the drone will come back to you like a boomerang. Do not miss the chance to own one by pre-ordering it now!

Another problem you face when traveling is the language barrier. Sometime you want to travel to a place where you cannot speak fluently in that culture’s language. But do not worry, with the SpeechTrans smartwatch you are now able to translate everything from up to 40 languages – instantly by voice translation. You can also take a picture of a menu at a restaurant or anything other written words and it will translate to your native tongue. No longer will you do not need to carry a big and heavy dictionary to communicate with the local population. SpeechTrans works everywhere there is network reception with your SIM card, WIFI or by Bluetooth. The cherry on top is that you can also use it as a GPS, Compass and Heart rate monitor.

Then, let’s introduce you to Gotoky! If you feel unable to pay extra money to communicate with folks when you travel abroad this technology is made for you! Gotoky works in pairs and you can talk, send and receive message for FREE. With all Gotoky users can also locate the people you love and share your GPS position. This lite and small device works with radio channels so you can use it even if your mobile phone does not work because there is no mobile network service. The coolest aspect about Gotoky is their emergency button. It will send your GSP coordinates with an SOS signal on every frequency. All you have to think about is staying calm while you wait for rescue.


However, if your target is to be tracked in real time (very precisely) by anyone around the world, you definitively need Kizy, Winner in the IOT/M2M Innovation World Cup 2016 in Mobility! First you can locate your backpack during your departure and flight, to be sure to find it when you will arrive in your destination. Then, leave it in your bag and start your travels. This technology works in 95% of the planet and is marked at a low cost. Do not worry the data are safe, only the authorized person can check where you are. The advantage is that it is kind of impossible to lose it, even if this device is very compact!

Last but not the least we have a backpack called Tespack. What happens when you are travelling with technology and do not find any electrical outlet? I have seen folks unplug a water fountain to charge their laptops – well no need for that. Now you can drink your water and charge all of your devices. With Tespack you will never run out of power, even if the sun is low you can detach the solar panel and place it under a better light source. These backpacks charge up with solar energy and they can keep this energy via their battery pack. This green energy harvesting backpack is the best purchase for changing the future, and therefore the environment will thank you.

Now you just need to take your flight ticket, pack up everything and enjoy your trip with all of these innovative wearables!


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