You Ask & You Shall Receive

Look mom, no hands! Technology that can be used without touching is one of the best inventions of this time. I know for all those that own the new iPhone, you love that Siri knows your voice and will do whatever you ask her to do (if you ask nicely). Well, truth is, Siri is not the only robot that the world loves. Below are a few companies that are creating the best hands free wearables.

Kapture Audio is the wristable for those folks who have a bit of short term memory loss. You simply wear the device, and if you didn’t hear something properly or wish to remember the words exactly, you can tap the device to re-run the past 60 seconds of recordings. Talk about time traveling into that past!  The band is currently for sale at a discounted price of $129. The strap is available in several different colors so you can personalize it to your style.

ili is the wearable necklace for world travelers that do not completely understand or speak Japanese. They are working on extending to more languages, but at the moment ili can translate English, Japanese, and Chinese. The operation is really easy; click, talk, listen. Now you can leave your translation dictionaries at home and communicate with others through this sleek wearable.


One of the most commonly used placed for voice control is the automobile. This is why Volvo has teamed up with Microsoft to incorporate the Microsoft Band 2 to communicate with the computer system in their cars. If you are wearing the Microsoft Band 2 you can set a navigation location, turn on the heat, lock the doors, flash the car’s lights, and sound the alarm. This increase in digital assistance is the evolutionary path that cars are designed to take. A smarter car allows for a smarter city and thus a smart society. This is the time for driving IoT forward.

Even with these three products making headway on the market, there is much more that needs to be done to improve voice input in wearables. It’s that scene in the perfect sci-fi movie; Actor says, ‘computer turn on the lights… computer find me the best spinach and kale salad recipe….’ Then the computer does it. No problem, until the movie takes a twist. Yet, this is a time when we do not wish for twist. Instead we wish for efficiency in completing task on-time and in a professional manner.