America’s Greatest Makers Challenge; The Battle for $1 Million

Summer of 2015 is when the INTEL Curie Module was released as a new chip small enough to be used for wearable or IoT devices. In addition to being small the Intel Curie Module is embedded with a 3 axis sensors and Bluetooth LE; making it the strongest processing chip for its size. Earlier this year Intel announced that they have partnered with Turner Broadcasting and MGM Television to bring the 1st ever America’s Greatest Makers Challenge.  A contest for One Million Dollars to begin a start-up that integrated the Intel Curie Module in a way never before dreamed of.

I had the pleasure of competiting as TEAM SAV3st against over 20 teams. We tested the Curie Module’s limits, and learned the in-and-outs of creating a successful start-up.

The states where high and the pressure to achieve was on as we battled over the Million Dollar Prize and a chance to be INTEL’s next best start-up. The experience is one that you can be a part on beginning Tomorrow, Tuesday April 5th at 9PM.

The contestants were diverse in their expertise, gender and age. Being a Maker is more than having a good idea. It is about creating something that has the ability to change the world, and affect how daily routines are set in place. The varieties of ideas along with the devotion to complete the task are inspiring to all. Take a look at the Women In Tech, and the Young Makers.

If you are not able to have access to TBS, then you can always stay connected through the TBS website.