Boxing Wearables Will Make You King of The Square Ring !

The wearable market has been flooded over the past few years with devices to measure your blood, track your activity and estimate your calories. However, there hasn’t been many devices to specifically help fighters with their punches and performance. It’s worth noting that Moov’s wearable supports boxing work-out. Even though it’s geared towards helping you get fit, rather than precisely measuring your fighting capabilities. So we began to wonder if there are any devices that can help fighters? We found a few! Below is a list of our recommendation for you or your fighter friends.

Athletec provides a small pair of wireless tracker slipping onto your hand wraps named Corner. They connect to your iOS or android device. They record every punch, block or combination in real time to build a picture of your performance. With a hand-free control, you are allowed to explore specific feedback without taking off your glove to improve punch speed. Besides, Corner allows you to find your peak performance according to long term tracking. Additionally, it lets you quickly discover area of your game requiring more focus and improvement in training as well. They were our Gadget of the Month in April 2016. If you have a gadget that can change the wearable market, suggest it here.

StrikeTec is another product which will revolutionize both the boxing scene and fitness industry by allowing you to track the progress of hand speed and force. StrikeTec is either worn on in the wristband, or in the athlete’s wrist wraps. Along with the StrikeTec app, your personal training and sparring statistics are captured to help the users track and measure their training routine from your smartphone, table or PC. StrikeTec can tell you if punches are faster or harder or if your technique is improving dependent on the rotation of punches’ throw.

Hykso is not a new product. We once mentioned it here. But we would like to keep you up to date until now. Hykso is a device to slip into your hand wraps, pair them with smartphone. Your intensity, count, type and speed of your punches in real-time are ready to be tracked. The sensor include accelerometers and a gyroscope to track your workout. You’ll get 4 hours of battery life on a single charge. It also comes with a nifty charging dock to juice the battery up in an hour.

Together with wearable you take care of your body while you train. The use of wearable technology can assist you in these efforts! Have fun and stay fit!

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