Fools Day When The Fools Go Out To Play

What better April fools trick than to forget that it is April fools. The day of mischief and pranks might be carried into another day, but the jokes are still hot on the internet. Today while going to work, I was looking through the ridiculous fake wearable tech– & was thinking how uncanny these devices are in their ability to be used for solving almost any problem. The range of applications that wearables stretch is unbelievable. It will soon be similar to the phrase, “There’s an app for that” … “There’s a wearable for that” .. ? Nonetheless if you want to procrastinate & see what wearable devices is a hoax – keep on reading.

Soft Star created a one-of-a-kind electrotherapy fitness shoe called JOLT. The design looks a bit silly – like how can an engineer put the appropriate tech inside with the flat soles and an embellished lightning bolt. Even so, they seem believable with a price of $180. They made a pretty convincing site – until you go to click which voltage is best for you and you get an APRIL FOOLS pop-up. The good news is you can still give them money, and they will donate it to children in need.

First Direct has a wristable called saveZap. What is the idea of the wristable? SaveZap will shock with electricity if you are going to spend money. The goal is to get you motivated to not spend money, but does this type of negative enforcement work? Too bad you will never find out with this April Fool’s joke. Instead, you can download their saveapp (funky rhyming they have in their marketing scheme). The app will send you notifications if you are spending in habits that you are trying to quit – like beer or bubble gum. Saveapp only works with iPhones. Click here to see their silly video.

So what exactly happens when a software company adds hardware to their business proposition? Atlassian is the beta tester for proving if this is a successful pivot or not. BitBand is their product for comparing your work to your teammates; whether it is sports, or company improvement. Now you know who is the healthiest, the fastest, and who lives the furthest away.

One word: Google. Second word: Plastic. Third: watch and laugh

Imagine a world with something called the Internet of Trousers: IoT. What do you think will change within our daily habits? Will you be able to change colors, or lengths? Can you type messages to your lover from your trousers?  Well Samsung came up with a few funky ideas: wi-fly, Get up! Alert, Keep-your-pants-on mode, and fridge lock. Haha! The pants come embedded with what Samsung is called a ARTIK chip, pressure sensors, Bluetooth and bio-processors. Essentially all human things like: forgetting to pull your zipper up, being too lazy, being too horny, or being too hungry are solved with the Internet of Trousers.

LOVEBIT is the newest and greatest dating service after Tinder. It is brought to us by the one-and-only Any person with a shaddi account and a loveBit are able to connect instantly in-person when they pass by each other. This matchmaking service is patented on biometric technology that monitors heart rate, neurochemical and dopamine levels when interacting with a shaddi member.

All the giggles and lols later we realize that these ideas could be real, if consumers would pay for it. Oh, the power of economics. Who knows, you could see one of these products on amazon this time next year.


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