Hide your Tracking: Is It A New Trend in WT?

I have a confession: some days I do not wear my Fitbit because it does not look cute with my outfit. I began to think if there were ways to gain a better fashionista approach to tracking my fitness. I could buy another tracker that is more my style, but then I would have double the tech within my jewelry box. The WT | team researched a few companies that are creating cases and little charms that can fluff up the look of your plastic tracker.

Griffin Technology sells various bands for the iWatch and Fitbit Flex/Zip/One devices. Some of these bands are waterproof to enhance the type of activity one is able to do with the iWatch, while others allow the Fitbit Flex to strap onto any part of the body. The material ranges from plastic to leather and stretchy fabric. Griffin has pretty good prices, but not the best ratings. Does this mean that people are more willing to accessorize their wearable if they have a designer name attached?

Maybe not because FUNKtional Wearables sells a handful of cuff covers that can hide the not-so-pretty look of a fitness tracker. Their jewelry ranges from $16 – just under $50, which is not an abnormal price for jewelry. Most of the cuffs have a section devoted to sliding a Fitbit in order to conceal its presents. Now you can track your activity in secret. Some of their styles are fashionable and diverse, ranging from charms to simple silver bands. Their products can become a new home for the following devices: Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One, Fitbit Charge, Charge HR, Fitbit Zip, Jawbone Move, Jawbone Up, Pebble Smart Watch, Avia Aspire, Misfit Shine or Misfit Flash. FUNKtional Wearables began as an Etsy store, and has evolved to an official business in 2014. Cynthia Blais, CEO and Zumba Instructor, has proven that consumers are willing to purchase an accessory for their tracker that is not a designer name.

Cynthia Blais was an inspiration to many Etsy users, for if you search wearable accessories you will find many options. Of course, they are all hand-made and diverse in style. If you are a Fitbit user then you can find many designed on FITnessBITsy

On a more pattern side of fashion, French Bull offers plastic bands for iWatch and Fitbit Flex users. Their form factor is quite simple and nearly similar to the original brands design. They different their addition of color and patterns. I am not personally drawn to the plastic band, when it comes to fashion, but the prices are budget friendly: $20 for Fitbit and $40 for iWatch.

Lastly, Bytten is creating wearables in charm bracelets. Their charms can attach to the iWatch, Fitbit Flex, and Fitbit Charge/Charge HR. Surprisingly, their prices are high: $65-130. You can choose from different styles such as leaves, Aztec patterns, gems, cancer ribbon, to the OM sign. Their charms have a small space for the user to still read the screen of the Fitbit by simply sliding onto the strap.

I am not sold on the idea that accessorizing your tracker will make me want to wear it when I am going out to a fancy occasion. Some of these products are a bit large for my taster, on top of seeming like they might dye my skin a beautiful green color from not being made out of sterling silver. Upon second thought: if someone bought me an accessory as a gift, I might find myself covering up my tracker when I head out to the town for a night of dancing (because I am always interested in how many calories I can burn breaking it down on a Saturday night). Nonetheless it is important for designers to begin creating tech devices for women, and people who like to wear their identity. I am personally interested to see where tracking accessories extend in the market within the next 5 years.

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