“Neckables” = Devices Worn Around Your Neck

Within the current state of the workplace combined with the technological market, people are forced to sit down and stare at the computer for long and uncomfortable duration of time. As a result, almost all people working at the office have problems with their back and even their neck. The neck has been proven to be an ideal location to measure and improve posture; therefore, designers have begun to take advantage of wearable devices worn around the neck. The products below feature our discovery.

Fineck is designed and produced by Vaeri. At first, the design process began by trying different pedometers and health trackers. However, it’s not really helpful for neck problems. Therefore, Fineck was launched. Fineck is a wearable capable of tracking subtle movements and recognizing various body positions to remind users of their health status with their necks. Moreover, these features can be used to their full potential with the addition of games built around different electronic platforms, engaging the muscles in a new ways.

It’s a fact that many office workers suffer from Forward Head Posture (FHP) or text neck. The conditions are caused by looking down at laptops, smartphones and other digital devices for extended periods. However, don’t worry! Alex wearable is here to put an end to neck pain through posture coach alongside their posture tracker function. It is the first wearable to accurately measure the angle of your neck and the position of your head. When you adopt poor posture for more than a few minutes, ALEX vibrates gently, encouraging you to improve. Besides, you can customize the exact length of time and the intensity of the vibration using ALEX’s companion smartphone app.

LG Tone Infinim is another innovation for “neckable” device featured at CES 2016. It is a stereo headset with Harman Kardon Signature Sound which delivers a high-end wireless experience. Harman Kardon Signature Sound’s style combined with an effortless ease of use and premium audio quality makes this device ubiquitous to daily routine. Plus, the easy access jog button allows for a fluid one-touch volume and music control. The ear buds are created from a gel that provides a comfortable solution for all day wear and use.

Necksound is another product that you can wear around your neck and free your ears with your favorite music. With Necksound you will have situation awareness and extreme comfort. Necksound can store 1000 songs in the 4GB internal memory or connect Necksound to your smartphone Bluetooth. Additionally, along with Necksound, you are motivated to enjoy your runs, walks or daily workouts.

Last but not least, Oxie is the first smart neck-worn air purifier. Oxie both tracks and improve your personal air quality. It put you in control of your environmental well being with the use of gas sensors. It is sleek enough to fit under your shirt collar, all while palcing you in an invisible bubble filled with purifies air against smoke, germs, allergens and more.

Some of these technologies are out there for a few years while some are still in development and are just becoming aware to the public. More innovation and functions are expected from these new neckables to define the approach of wearable technologies into daily life.

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