Wearable Health Trackers for Horses

Racing horses is a challenging sport. Particularly when a horses’ body is pushed to the limit, which can unfortunately result in injuries. However, there is no need to worry because WT found a few wearables designed for the equestrian market. Whether you are an amateur rider, a professional competitor, a trainer or a boarding facility owner the wearable devices below can help to improve the health and performance of your horse.

Equisense includes a sensor, an attachment and the charger. At the beginning of the session, Equisense sensor turns itself on to analyse the intensity, the quality of the locomotion and the time spent at each gait and lead. You can check the data at any time during your session to better adapt your workout to your horse. Every session the collected data provides you with a history of your trainings and the well-being of each horse. It also lets you know medical care history and program reminders. How can it help? Equisense offers precise analyses to help you gain an objective view of your jumping obstacles, dressage tests or any other exercise.

SeeHorse is an equine monitoring device. It is designed to be placed comfortably almost anywhere on your horse. Monitoring temperature, pulse, and respiratory functions are important parameters that SeeHorse offers to the equestrian market. Knowing the normal values for these three functions and when they change can enhance a horse’s wellbeing. SeeHorse measures and scans vital signs and movement in real time, while it records and logs historical data. Additionally, SeeHorse uses wireless charging and horse’s movement to reclaim the energy back to the unit. It is called kinetic energy harvesting and produces ZERO pollution, no toxic by-products and the battery charges as the horse moves.

HorseAlarm is the device which can measure sweat as well as how often your mare is lying down. Two proven indicators of foaling or if the horse is not well. The device adjust the sensitivity of the alarms and customise them to individually suit your horse. When the levels exceed the chosen limits the alarm will sound. It monitors the state of your horse and compare current values with recent history. The receiver is portable so that it comfortably can be used wherever you are at home.

With better data from advanced wearable technology, it is obvious that horse racing season is coming safer and more competitive than ever.

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