Latest News For Surfers !

It is the end of May and summer is approaching! As the original surfers of the “wearable wave,” WT | Wearable Technologies is focusing on how wearable technology can enhance the experiences for outdoor activities, especially surfing – the hottest water sport ever. Last year, we shared the newest waterproof athletic wear for 2015, as a surf article so today we bring you the latest news about this sport in this article.

Nixon is well-known with the Ultratide- one of the world smartest surf watches. It provides you with real time data: tide, wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed, water and air temperature via Bluetooth.

However, Ultratide is not the only hero in surf world. Recently, Nixon introduced the Mission as the next generation of smartwatches. The new hero is built smart and tough. The design, language and functionality of the Mission are inspired by Nixon’s iconic action sports DNA which makes the Mission stand out from all other smart watches. Additionally, a 10ATM water rating and real-time surf conditions are featured into the Mission.

The couple of Airdog and Airleash participates in the surf world and extremely enhance the surf experience. Airdog is a relatively smart drone which fly’s easily with no hands by their technology called, Airleash. With Airdog, you are able to set a timer and distance to instruct Airdog when to follow you. Now that’s pretty cool. A flying robot that can record your every move no matter on land or water.  Yet, maybe you don’t want to have it following you out to the waves, no worries. There is a timer you can set for Airdog to wait on the shore, once the timer is up it will fly out to you. Therefore, Airdog can capture your action from unlimited perspective.Another cool feature that makes Airdog is easy to use is when the battery begins to drain too low, it is tells you it’s disappointed by following you.  The drone is actively monitoring its battery level on top of the distance it needs to cover to come back to the shore.

SURFGEM is comming soon in 2016 as a stand-out wearable for surfers. SURFGEM focuses on developing your surfing skills. SURFGEM allows the surfers to keep track on their data and statistics. It measures your surfing technique and allows you to track your progress to compare your results overtime. You are able to share your sessions on your social channels – now you can know which one of your surfer buddies is the best at learning new tricks. Moreover, you can get the opportunity to be coached by the pros because your data can be analysed by professionals. SURFGEM is stated to be publish with their final product in May, 2016.

Surfing is undoubtedly the summer sport that earns the most cool-points. Nixon or Airdog want you to experience more than look good on the board. We hope you will enjoy your summer in a techy style!

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