Devices To Help You Stop Your Bad Habits.

There are many reasons why a person would want to quit smoking or to drink less. There are global health issues across the board with over consuming these types of drugs. However, wearable technology is here to help you grow through your habit changing process.


In 2015, Chrono Therapeutics spoke on the main stage at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA about “Reinventing Quitting with a Super Wearable.” Chrono’s patch-like devices combine wearables and drugs – introducing a new paradigm on how to treat addiction in healthcare. The patch creates a three-pronged approach that maximizes drug therapy and redefine the customer experience.  What drug is it putting into you? Nicotine! The sensors monitor when you are craving smoking, then injects a tiny bit of nicotine in your system. You can wear the patch anywhere on the body anytime. There are two components – the control unit and daily nicotine cartridge (has to be exchanged every day). The device must be worn for 10 weeks and sends information to a cloud (e.g. insurance) every day. The reason for 10 weeks of continuous use, is because after 10 weeks of recording your personal data and slowly getting you off nicotine, you are able to reach your quitting goal. Their data cloud also helps you build quitting skills, increase motivation and efficacy of the nicotine therapy. It contacts you with digital coaching via text messages. Since then, Chrono Therapeutics has placed their patch in other fields of application: depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, pain, Parkinson’s Disease, allergies, and asthma.

Trade your cigarette box for the Nicotrax smart case. Their technology works by recording every time you take a cigarette out of their smart case. The data is analyzed by unique triggers that you repeat every time you wish to smoke; after eating, in the morning, etc. Each person is different, that is why Nicotrax has an algorithm that is specific to each person’s habits. Researchers, doctors and counselors have access to their platform.

Smokebeat is an application that can pair to any Andriod Wear device. The UK on the app is quite simple. It monitors how often you are smoking, shares it with your network and gives you incentives on how to stop. This includes the money you are saving and the social emotional support of your network. The algorithms compare your progress from the moment you begin throughout every day. There is no hiding how many cigarettes you smoke anymore. Smokebeat will be there with you through to good and the bad days of your habit changed. Somatix Inc. is a platform that Smokebeat operates from. Developers looking to use social media and hand-to-mouth interaction (ideal for wearables) can contact the team to learn more about using their platform.


Smoking isn’t the only thing someone can be addicted to. The next topic on the wearable list is alcohol. BACtrack is the newest hand-held breathalyzer on the market. They have 4 different products of various sizes, and professional accuracy. There are two breathalyzers that you hook up to your smartphone, blow into and see your BAC level on their app, ZeroLine. They also work alongside the Apple Watch. You simply tap your watch app, blow into their device and see your current level. They have an SDK and API available if you would like to work with their hardware. Check out the video below to learn about their customer interviews at SuperBowl 2016.

Lastly (but not least) is BACelet, a small breathalyzing bracelet. You press the button on the bracelet, blow and wait for the color LED strip to tell you how drunk you are. For more accurate, real-time data you can download their app to store your level every time you drink. Woah, that’s really simple! Stay safe and drink responsibly, that’s what it’s all about


All habits are hard to break. The best environment for one to quit something, is one filled with support. You can use these devices, alongside the love of your family and friends to kick your bad habits out the door. Summer is the time to start. Use the sun to grow into the top performing person you wish to be.

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