Exhibitor Overview #WTUS16 Part 2: Healthcare & Wellness

Of course we will not turn our back on healthcare and wellness at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 USA in San Francisco on July 12-13, and you will not only find astonishing new medical solutions on our main stage, but also whilst strolling through the 30,000 square feet exhibition hall. Our partners will present solutions for both healthcare professionals and consumers, will provide a glimpse under the cover of healthcare devices ranging from accelerometers to vital sign sensors, will deal with topics like fertility tracking, insomnia, or chronic diseases. A wide bandwidth of wearables you should not miss!

Raiing Medical offers continuous and remote body temperature monitoring for consumers and clinical markets – their goal is to create an ecosystem based on the open platform of hard- and software. iThermometer allows parents to remotely monitor real-time temperature, connecting with any smart device via Bluetooth low energy, and sends out an alert as soon as temperature raises. iFertracker analyzes the best day for conception for women. The temperature sensor is accurate within 0.05°, predicts ovulation, analyzes sleep quality and comes with a medication reminder. Meet them at Booth #501

Raiing Medical

Fertility tracking is also the core topic of VivoSensMedical. They focus on med-tech for women’s health. Their patent-protected OvulaRing is the first in-body worn wearable ovulation tracker and offers an ideal tool to dermine the best time for conception. The device combines wearable, mobile software and an app and is approved to medical standards. OvulaRing can optimize fertility treatments, and simplifies natural contraception. Booth #502


AiQ Smart Clothing creates functional and fashionable smart garment solutions for sports & fitness, outdoor, home & leisure, wellness & health care. They can guarantee a perfectly seamless integration of technology and apparel – extremely comfortable and convenient. Their materials are washable and battery lifetime is up to seven days. If you are looking for an experienced partner to realize your smart garment, talk to them at booth #405

The FDA cleared Leaf Healthcare Sensor monitors a patient’s position and movement to automate the turn protocols for patients at risk for hospital-acquired pressure ulcers and other immobility-related conditions. Leaf Healthcare’s solution helps to make healthcare more efficient, cost-effective and improve patient safety and clinical outcomes. Booth #306

Biotricity provides remote biometric monitoring solutions for the medical and consumer markets. Their R&D focuses on preventative healthcare supporting the self-management of chronic conditions. At #WTUS16 they will present Bioflux for Physicians and Biolife for individuals. Bioflux is available on prescription, and fully reimbursable. The ECG device measures a patient’s heart rhythm, sends the data in real-time to a 24/7 monitoring lab. In case of an arrhythmia, an alarm informs the hospital which can react immediately. The consumer device Biolife is a health and lifestyle solution with an ECG monitor, but can also track respiration, calories, temperature, physical activities and more. Booth #508.

ADAMM by Health Care Originals gives asthmatics the power to control their chronic disease. Their patch-type, flexible wearable device with rechargeable battery can be worn anywhere on the upper torso and counts cough, measures respiration, temperature, wheeze, and heart rate.  It can send out event alerts, provides medication or inhaler reminders, offers notifications, treatment plans and voice journaling. Meet them at Booth #507.

Emfit is a global leader in quasi-piezoelectric ferroelectret (as opposite to ferroelectric) sensors and actuators. Their dynamic thin film sensor and actuator material can be customized to the special requirements of each individual customer and are for example applied for contact free sleep tracking of heart variability, elderly care, epileptic seizure alarms, non-body-contact vital sign monitoring, sleep apnea diagnostics and more. Talk to them at booth #201

The SeLe project is funded by BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research). The goal is to minimize the problem of dehydration with the help of wearables – both in the medical and lifestyle context. Booth #504

You have a medical or wellness product and want to create awareness around it in the wearables space? Or you are looking for partners to realized your project(s)? We still have a few spots avilable in our exhibition area. Hurry and book your Demo Package before June 25 or save your seat before late registration starts. If you are more interested in lifestyle applications you should read our previous exhibitor overview. Sports & Fitness, Enabling Tech and the Greater Ecosystem will follow within the next few days.

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