News Roundup – Spring Edition 2016

It’s time again for the quarterly news roundup. A few months have passed since the last one along with some relevant events that took place in the previous months. Let’s got back to April!

AGM (America`s Greatest Makers) started in April. The AGM is a TV contest for One Million Dollars to begin a start-up that integrated the Intel Curie Module in a way never before dreamed of.  WT| Wearable Technologies had its very own representation at the contest with Wearable Tech princess and BD Manager USA, Ayliffe Brown. She was competing as TEAM SAV3st against over 20 teams.

Nokia went again recently shopping and decided that it is not such a bad idea to acquire a health company such as Withings. And because they can afford it as well, the Finnish company disbursed €170 million ($191 million) in cash. The acquisition will significantly boost Nokia’s portfolio of wearables and fitness devices, bringing 200 Withings employees and products into Nokia’s advanced technologies division.

Sony patented what could be the camera of the future. Sony’s patent application describes a pair of lenses with an organic electroluminescence display screen that allows you to view video, images, and other information. An onboard video recorder lets users record what they see. They can be controlled by the user with the blink of an eye and also paired with an app, so you don’t take pictures   every time you blink…

Two big names partnered on May. Apple and SAP partnered to bring the SAP HANA platform to native apps for iPhone® and iPad®. This joint effort will also deliver a new iOS software development kit (SDK) and training academy so that developers, partners and customers can easily build native iOS apps tailored to their business needs.  These native apps will provide access to core data and business processes on SAP S/4HANA, while taking full advantage of iPhone and iPad features like Touch ID®, Location Services and Notifications.

To finish spring and welcome summer we organized for the 3rd time the WT | Picnic around the world! On June 1 and 2 the WT | Picnic was in 10 cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Munich, Barcelona, Milan, Copenhagen, Salem, Chennai, Taipei, and Auckland. They featured talks about jewelry, smart clothing, virtual reality, tracking devices and apps. This was only a sneak peek of what it is coming! Our 5th anniversary of the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in USA is around the corner and to celebrate this special occasion we have celebrities among the speakers such us Russell Okung from the Denver Broncos, the Senior Vice President of Unicef Ventures or the VP Internet of Things business innovation of SAP.

Stay tuned for the summer version!

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