Traveling from the Wrist to the Legs. Are “Leg-ables” The Next Thing?

Tech is moving on down, from your wrist to your leg. The body real estate for wearable technologies is diversifying. There are several products that have recently emerged and are quite intriguing because they are simple, small and easy for any person to use.

LumiWave Infrared Light Therapy Device offers users the chance to temporarily escape pain. If you have minor aches or pains in your legs. Most of the time injuries occur from sports or weightlifting and the only solution is to not participate and rest, or take medicine. LumiWave is great because it is non-intrusive, and you do not need to take pain relief medication alongside. The device is adjustable to fit around any size leg, knee, ankle, foot, neck, shoulder, elbow or hand. LumiWave was successfully crowd funded a little over a year ago. You can now place your name on the pre-order list and purchase a single 200 LED set for $449.99 or a double 400 LED for $559.99.

Quell is another 100% drug free, wearable pain relief device. Instead of LEDs Quell is a black plastic box that uses intensive nerve stimulation to minimize your pain. They are calling their technology “OptiTherapy” because it can automatically adjust to provide optimal pain relief. If you want, you can also directly control the power of therapy on your smart phone. To put it on, you simply charge the device, slide it into a soft Velcro wrap, then secure it under your knee. It is ok to wear for 24 hours – even while you’re sleeping! Quell is for sale in retail stores, or on their online store for $249.00.

Quell Introduction Video from Neurometrix on Vimeo.

Are you an endurance athlete? Do you train hard but are unsure is technology can even help you? Well, don’t be fooled. There is a new type of activity measurement that is more accurate than ever before. BSXinsight has created a compression sleeve that you place on your calf. The removeable black-box has LEDs in it that can “see” your muscle activity, which is then fed through an algorithm to provide you with real-time feedback. Essentially, the black box is measuring your Lactate Threshold – a measurement that use to be done in labs and via blood testing. BSXinsight is perfect for cyclist, runner and multi-sport athletes.

Keenbrace is about to go live on Kickstarter. It is a device that can strap to your legs, arm or wrist. Unlike the two products above, Keenbrace is an athletic coach and tracking device. The goal is to assist you in becoming the best athlete you can be, while remaining injury-free. They achieve this by providing various features: real-time coaching, accurate biosensors, scheduling and reminders, lastly insight on your progress.

For men, there is a new sensor embedded compression shorts called VylyV. They are currently accepting crowdfunding. If you think their product is important – go support! How does it work? Well, if you are a man with poor pelvic muscle strength, then you might be searching for a new way to make sure your are training correctly. VylyV is able to sense what your pelvic muscles are doing and how you can improve in strength and control. They sense, send live data to your phone, provide coaching advice and send friendly reminders to stay in-tune to your body.

There are other devices that can be worn around the leg, but have been on the market for a while. You can learn how Soundbrenner help musicians keep time, as well as other “legables” that keep you injury free or help with rehabilitation. The leg is a great space on the body that allows people to move. I am surprised not more wearables have the ability to move from the wrist to the leg. Granted, there are compression shorts that have embedded sensor technology, and exocskeletons have existing for a long time. Yet, now that enabling tech is smaller, devices should reflect this diversity. It also opens up the opportunity for individualized products for each customer to control. These ideas are aspects of nex tech products that catch consumers’ attention. WT (as always) will keep you updated on the latest news and developments within wearable technologies.

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