WT | Wearable Technologies Show 2017 MEDICA – Düsseldorf Nov 14-17

For the 7th consecutive year we will be presenting the latest healthcare and wellness developments in the wearables market at MEDICA, the globally leading trade show in the medical sector. The show attracts more than 130,000 visitors and over 4,800 exhibitors, amongst others general practitioners, hospital doctors, managers, nursing staff, technical managers, and medical specialized trade and cost units. The show is a “must” event for everyone busy in the healthcare sector.

With more than 30 exhibitors from 15 countries (Germany, UK, US, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Spain, The Netherlands, Slovenia, China) the WT | Wearable Technologies Show is as international and comprehensive as never before. WT | Wearable Technologies will also have two wearables sessions in the Connected Healthcare Forum on Monday and Tuesday during the show.

The topics this year in short:


Bioservo’s Robotic SEM glove gives strength to weak hands and can therefore improve the quality-of-life and capability to perform everyday tasks. Dycare will present wearable motion sensors for clinical assessment and control of patients with movement disorders and TMG-BMC will showcase an electrical stimulator, sensors and electrodes for sports, medical, research and work related applications.

Analysis and algorithms and performance diagnostics:

Firstbeat’s heartrate analytic tools equip Suunto, Polar and Samsung products but are also used by professional sports teams like 30% of the NHL teams. Gait Up’s motion sensors, gait analysis and activity tracking solutions can be applied for research, clinics and the industry. OXY4 focuses on physiological performance diagnostics for athletes and performance diagnosticians. Their product can measure SmO2, THI, pulse, pulse index and HRV parameters.


Health Care Originals will present Adamm, an award-winning patch-type, flexible wearable that monitors your Asthma and can predict events.

Wellness Products:

Rooti Labs will exhibit SleepRX which can improve your sleeping habits, W/Me patch – their health monitor, CardioPad – a mobile heart rate monitor and blood pressure tracker and their latest innovatios. Color Seven will present light therapy devices which help against depression and menstrual pain and HIVOX Biotek will showcase sleep therapy and anti-snoring devices which help you to sleep better. Their massage patches help you to relax.

Vital Sign Monitoring:

Biovotion’s upper arm multi sensor device can measure 13 parameters all at one place. AiQ Smart Clothing will present their latest smart clothing solutions for body monitoring. And don’t miss Lumio Labs’ cell phone case that monitors your heart rate anytime anywhere. Qardio presents personal health monitoring by bringing innovative technologies, high-end design and exceptional user experience to the medical industry. You should definitely talk to them to learn more about the medical validated QardioARM (smart blood pressure monitor), QardioBASE (Wireless smart scale) and QardioCORE (medical-grade ECG).

Semiconductors and Batteries:

Shimmer offers complete body sensor solutions, tailored to each unique application requirement. Applications are for example environmental monitoring, epilepsy, player-tracking, biomechanics, motion-analysis, activity tracking, fall detection, neuromarkets. VARTA Microbattery will present their latest CP 1654 A3 version with 120mAh and their proven Hydrogen Gas Generating Cells for medical applications. Jenax will showcase their flexible, foldable and longlasting battery applicable for wearables and smart textiles.

Wearables for First-Aiders:

Spintower’s D.A.R.W.I.N. can facilitate the work of first-aiders by improving the communication, expert and skilled employee support and hands-free operation.

Wearables for fertility tracking, contraception and (pregnant) women:

LifeSense Group will showcase their smart underwear helping women to develop strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles after giving birth. Raiing Medical will present iFertracker, helping you to conceive more easily and Ikangtai’s SheCare is a smart BBT thermometer for women who want to get pregnant.

Greater WT Ecosystem:

EBV Elektronik is a semiconductor distributor with 47 years history. They provide in-depth application support, value-added services and logistics solutions to a diverse customer base. Research companies at the booth are CSEM and VTT. Both companies will showcase their latest innovations such as patches, electrodes, sensors perfectly applicable for mobile solutions. And if you are looking for a reliable partner to manufacture your devices, you should talk to Quanta Computer.

We only have a few positions left. If you are interested in joining the WT | Wearable Technologies joint pavilion at MEDICA 2016, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here you can find some impressions from the previous years and our confirmed co-exhibitors 2016.

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