Interview with MEDICA exhibitor Raiing

The biggest medical fair of the world is coming up soon and we interviewed one of the exhibitors that will be there to present their new products. The MEDICA fair in Düsseldorf on Nov. 14-17 won’t only attract all kinds of people related to the medical field but also innovators showcasing the latest news on healthcare like the ones we will have under our Wearable Technologies booth. One of those innovators is Raiing, that will present the iThermonitor and iFertracker among other upgraded products. To know more about their products we interviewed them.

1.How did you come up with the idea of measuring temperature, and therefore creating the iFertracker and iThermonitor?

For the private healthcare solutions at this age, no matter according to the demands coming from the consumer or clinic medical care, to utilize the wearable technology combined with big data management is the trend of the development for the entire industry. Sometimes, married couples need a smart fertility tracker to automatically take the measurements of the BBT and provide in-time prediction; and also sometimes, parents need a wearable thermometer with a mobile app which could make it easier to simply monitor and manage the children fever at home in real time.

iThermonitor and iFertracker are born for these.

Furthermore, Raiing’s goal is to create an ecosystem based on the open platform of hardware and software, and to collaborate with health IT innovators to integrate its technology into solutions for providers, payers, pharmaceutics, and consumers.

2.How are the products working?

For the measuring and monitoring operation, switch the thermometer on and stick the thermometer in the user’s armpit. The thermometer will make a Bluetooth connection between the thermometer and the receiver automatically (users should set up Bluetooth properly on the receiver – smartphones or tablets). Then the thermometer starts to measures the body temperature by means of testing the NTC resistor’s resistance value and calculates the body temperature continuously and sends the temperature data to the receiver through Bluetooth connection.

3.Are they FDA approved?

iThermonitor is FDA 510K approved, while iFertracker is exempted from FDA.

4.What’s your favorite wearable?

Certainly the iThermonitor and the iFertracker – also, the other new and upgraded products which would be released at the Medica 2016. Would you like to know more? Please come to the show and visit our booth!

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