Beach Bag Essentials

As temperatures rise and the summer season approaches, everyone will undoubtedly head out to the beach. WT | Wearable Technologies would like to recommend that you make over your beach experience with wearable technologies. Of course, no one wants to look like a Tech Geek, that’s why we suggest 5 fashionable wearables which are essential for your beach bag this season. Let’s dive into it.

JUNE Bracelet
It is of great necessity to protect our skin from the sun at the beach to avoid aging and skin cancer. JUNE bracelet will definitely be the perfect jewellery for you to get a healthy tan. Along with UVA and UVB sensors, JUNE measures your sun exposure precisely. The App computes the data and gives you the UV index in real time. Considering your skin type and UV exposure, JUNE gives you your sun dose and if you reach 100%, sun burn will appear. Therefore, JUNE will send you notifications to protect your skin so that you never reach that level. Moreover, JUNE will notify you when you need to apply SPF, which level of SPF you should use and if you need sunglasses or a hat.

Vodafone – Smart summer
Not only women but also men care about their skin health and while JUNE is a little too feminine, Smart summer swimmer by Vodafone is an ideal solution. The Vodafone smart summer bikini and men’s swim shorts are equipped with UV sensors that track exposure to sunlight through the day. There’s a smartphone app which notifies you when they have too much exposure to UV light. Moreover, Vodafone provide a child’s sun hat in the smart summer line which contains UV sensors plus a low-powered Vodafone SIM and tracking device which sends a warning message to parents’ smartphone if children wander beyond a pre-determined distance on the beach.

Stelle Audio – Mini-clutch speaker
The mini-clutch speaker offers the best in sound quality and design. It includes a powerful six-watt stereo digital amplifier that delivers optimal audio performance. It effortlessly pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Additionally, it has a built-in speakerphone for hand-free calls, opens to reveal a mirror, and has a pocket for daily use. Moreover, in case your phone is running out of battery, it can also charge any USB enabled device. A plus is that the mini-clutch speaker has a long battery life within 15 hours. Can we say it is one of the beach essentials?

If you still want to keep track of your heart and your swimming on the beach, Instabeaton is for you. It attaches to the straps of any type of swimming goggles. It is able to read your heart rate from the temple artery and displays the info under lenses as a colour code. What makes Instabeaton cool is no chest belt is needed, which makes it more easy and comfortable for the swimmer. It also measures your calories, number of laps, flip turns and syncs all the data to your personal dashboard to track your progress over time. Isntabeaton keeps track even when you are in the water! Other water buddies can be seen here.

GoPro is an action camera that you can use to capture your fun moments even under the water. It can capture the most natural memories when they matter most. GoPro Hero4 has two editions: Hero4 Black and Hero4 Silver. Hero4 Black is the most advanced model with a maximum resolution of 4K at a rate of 30fps. Or you can choose Hero4 Silver which doesn’t offer quite the same level of video quality (1080p at 60fps). However Hero4 Silver is the first GoPro to offer an integrated LCD Screen.

At WT | Wearable Technologies, we have found many wearables for the summer. You can click here for more suggestions for your summer from us and we hope you will enjoy your summer time in techy style!