Smart GPS Gadgets Guide People by Vibrating

Travelling in a foreign country is much simpler with a trusty navigation on hand. However, many of us spend so much time looking down at our phone that we miss the sights all around us. At WT | Wearable Technologies we hold a strong belief that wearables entering the market to change the situation and bring us even more convenience. Let’s get started on revealing new developments in GPS devices!

Vibygo provides the best solution for traveling or even sport training with the best outdoor and street map to serve your travelling independence. Vibygo is a revolution wearable bracelet system that uses a unique worldwide patented haptic feedback system. Vibygo guides the users through vibration sequences on the wrist. It means you can get gentle yet clear instructions on running, biking and travel navigation. Additionally, Vibygo is programmed to suggest the best route based on your health condition and to guide you to your target.

GPS Jacket
Wandering around foreign streets with your head buried in a map can be a thing of the past because a GPS jacket by WE:EX can guide you to your destination. By using subtle vibrations, it helps the wearers navigate the city by indicating when to turn left or right. The frequency and intensity of each vibration changes based on the intended instruction: soft left, merge left and hard left each differ in body placement and intensity.

Wearable Experiments: Navigate from Wearable Experiments on Vimeo.

Super Shoes
Super shoes – a pair of enhanced insoles that let your toes do the navigating while you enjoy the sights. Each insole has a Bluetooth radio and a microcontroller. There are three coin cell vibrator motors as an output device under the small toes, while there is a capacitive touch pad under the big toe handles input. You just need to set the destination on your smartphone. Then the shoes would then tie in to your smartphone’s GPS and map application. If the toes on your left foot vibrate, turn left. Vibration on the right foot indicates a right turn.

SuperShoes – tickling shoes that facilitate urban rediscovery from Dhairya Dand on Vimeo.

Haptic vibrations are built into a full physical language of navigation that can enhance your experience when exploring a new wonder land. Get out and see the world with these awesome directional devices!