Wearable Sensors to improve your Tennis skills

Nowadays, tennis players have a lot of different opportunities to analyze and improve their game. The problem for most consumers is finding the perfect tracking device for them. Some devices are better in providing detailed data and analysis of your performance during games, while others inform you of simple statistics like how fine your strokes were. There are many different wearable devices that can help each individual overcome their different weaknesses. Overall, we have two general types of wearables for tennis players; beginning with simple trackers (used to monitor fitness facts) and special sensors which record all kinds of statistics (like the hardness and precision of your strokes). Below is a detailed description of three different wearable devices which should help any level tennis players to improve their game.

Babolat, one of the leading companies for Tennis and Badminton, is based in France. They created the first connected rackets that has special handle embedded with a sensor. It is called “Play Connected Babolat”. The software makes it possible to chart progress towards various skill levels or comparing your performance in the community. The racket connects to any smart device via Bluetooth, and to any computer via a USB charging cable. Players have different categories to digest when tracking their performance, such as time, the longest rally, shots per minute, and an estimation of energy spent. You can also review individual strokes like forehands, backhands, serves, and smashes to better understand how many times you hit. The data collected can dive even deeper with stats on your power, spin, and proficiency. Currently there are three different rackets you can buy. Babolat Play Pure Drive, Babolat Aero Pro Drive and Babolat Pure Drive Lite.

KITRIS, domiciled in the Zurich Highlands (Swiss), is a startup company, which develops and distributes soft and hardware products especially for tennis. With the similarly named product, KITRIS launched the only ITF (International Tennis Federation) approved match tracking system worldwide that can be used in official matches. The system is based on a consistent analysis and evaluation of training sessions and matches that are provided for players and coaches. The Tracker enables tennis players to quickly and effectively improve their skills. You can find out how many minutes you have spent on the court, the number of forehand and backhand strokes and services, and where you stand compared with other KITRIS users. Furthermore you can analyze individual matches and learn everything about your performance – from match duration and direct winners to rally lengths and individual strokes. Share individual training sessions and all matches of your last competition with your coach and analyze each match development with them.

Smash is a lightweight band that you wear on your wrist, which uses a unique blend of technology and tennis expertise. Smash uses precise sensors, which when combined to an app provides easy access to technique analysis and personalized recommendations. Smash is capable of measuring and calculating the accuracy and the method of the player. There are various challenges which should motivate players to complete their target, resulting in the improvement of performance. The Smash app delivers focused tips and practice paths based on your ability. It provides specific goals to unlock and achieve, all designed to make practicing & playing more rewarding. The band is not only packed with processing power, it has been designed to be simple, lightweight and unobtrusive. Smash is crafted from materials perfectly suited for tennis. From the forehand through the volley, it takes hundreds of measurements every second to create an incredibly accurate picture of your game.


iSet Watch, a multipurpose tennis scorer, is the first connected smartwatch for tennis which is available in a choice of 6 different colours. This Tennis e-Coach watch communicates using state of the art long range Bluetooth Low Energy radio up to 40 meters with a smartphone or another iSetWatch. Live scoring on the watch face with an accompanying app to act as your coach, this watch enables you to track your game and improve your performance. With dedicated applications for IOS and ANDROID, iSetWatch can record your tennis match scores and help you analyze and improve your performance. It also allows you to share live match scores over the internet so that your coach, friends, and parents can follow your match in real time. You can even follow other matches while they are currently taking place. iSet also performs as a digital watch, alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer or general purpose timer.

Pivot, from Silicon Valley startup TuringSense, is a multi-sensor and high-speed motion capture and analysis system designed to improve the Tennis-Game and even prevent injuries. Available in two versions, PIVOT challenger pack with four sensors and PIVOT Grand Slam Pack with 14 Sensors, the coaching and monitoring system has been developed in partnership with Hall of Fame coach, Nick Bollettieri. Pivot promises to improve a player’s game by recording 360 degree motion, preventing injuries and recording statistics on a wide range of performance metrics (including footwork, body position, elbow bend or knee bend). Pivot is cool because you don´t need a camera. In fact, there’s a hub that records all the biometric data each sensor sends – up to 1,000 data samples per second are sent from the accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope. You can re-watch the action and see the movement analysis on the companion app. While current products attach one sensor to a tennis racquet, PIVOT uses multiple sensors to recreate joint and body movements. Check out how it works.


Beyond the well-known fitness trackers, these wearable devices are the perfect amendment for tennis players. Fitness trackers are great for everyday people who like seeing their fitness stats. Yet, with new innovations like Smash, Babolat Play Connected, Pivot and iSet Watch that record more than movement and relay important tennis facts are ideal for those dedicated to their sport. These devices can help tennis players to achieve personal perfection. It is interesting how the wearable market especially in tennis will develop in the next few years. By now, we got some interesting innovations which now have to establish.

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