Building Block for Leveraging the Future of Medical Technology.

WT | Wearable Technologies will be exhibiting at MEDICA for the 7th consecutive year. One of our co-exhibitors this year is Vivalnk. We made an interview with Lucia Nguyen to discuss more about eSkin technology and so much much more.

  1. Can you tell us more abouteSkin technology?

eSkin technology is the culmination of over a decade of research and development. It is essentially a printed circuit board with sensors on a substrate that is thin, flexible, breathable and very comfortable to wear. With our eSkin™ technology, we’ve created a platform for wearables, apps, cloud and data services for continuous vital monitoring. eSkin™ is a building block that can be leveraged for future advances in medical technology.

  1. What will you be presenting at MEDICA this year?

We will be presenting Fever Scout. The Fever Scout a soft, wearable, stick-on thermometer that continuously updates parents and caretakers of their child or patient’s temperature. The device can be worn overnight, and help alert a caretaker of a higher fever — even if you are in another room, a remote location, or if your phone is asleep.

  1. Who should visit your booth at MEDICA? What are you looking for as a company?

We are looking forward to meeting those interested in using wearables specifically for continuous vital monitoring, and are interested in API, SDK integration with our products.

  1. Where do you see wearable technology in the next upcoming years?

In the coming years we see wearable technologies growing more in the healthcare industry and revolutionizing the way doctors engage with their patients. We also see wearable technologies enhancing the way parents and caretakers assist their sick loved ones.

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