WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Asia Exhibitors 2016

The WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Asia will take place in less than a month on October 12 in Hong Kong. We proudly welcome on our main stage almost all the hottest topics covered by speakers from various fields in wearable ecosystem. Besides, you don’t want to miss the chance to see and experience all the products at our exhibition hall. Below is a glimpse at our exhibitors who are long standing supporters of WT as well as a few new rising star on the market.

Emfit provides a Safebed which is safety and wellness tracker designed for seniors. It’s the world first contact free sleep tracker with heart rate variability. It can analyse your recover, stress and sleep quality. Moreover, it detects seizure through our fast movements monitor.

Evena is a solution for clinic to improve medical care. Evena’s Eyes-On Glasses provide hands-free, cart-free imaging for vascular access. The Evena Glasses system is appropriate for pre-hospital, hospital, outpatient surgery centres and wherever accurate fast IV access is required.

For ones who are curious about how and where the smart glasses are. Having a style of or Wellington glasses JINS MEME offers smartphone apps that help you know your status of mind and body so that you can start changing your daily behaviours for “better me”.

Lifesense Group brings design and tech together to revolutionize healthcare. With Carin, Lifesense Group empowers women who suffers pelvic floor muscle damaged after having children and works on their health independently by giving exercises training and progress tracking.

Smart Clothing
AIQ creates innovative smart clothing. Their products range from gloves that interact with a touch screen, to body metrics undershirt. AIQ smart solution is where electronics merge with textiles to create fashionable, functional, comfortable solutions to meet your everyday needs; whether it’s in sports & fitness, outdoor & leisure, home & leisure, home care & health care.

Are you looking for the most effective and time efficient full body work out? Antelope is the best choice. It is ideal for both strength and endurance athletes as well as everyone who is willing to get (back) in shape. Be sure to check out their booth to see what tricks are hiding underneath their suits.

Safety On The Road
Babaali is the world leading helmet manufacturer. The use of the helmet can improve safety and performance not only on the road but also on every aspects of life. Babaali provides smart cycle helmet, smart ski helmet and smart construction helmet.

I-lume gives us a unique wearable LED technology that is simple to apply to clothing, apparel and any type of textile product or accessory. The small LED lighting device has strong power to keep you seamless and visible to increase the safety on the road, pathway, workplace and anywhere outside.

Smartcap is a product which is designed to monitor fatigue for vehicle drivers. The SmartCap is capable of reading electrical brain activity (EEG) and processing that information to determine an individual’s fatigue level. Data from the SmartCap is transmitted to an in-cab display via Bluetooth.

Parts & Components
Are you interested in micro molding? Our exhibitor Accumold has been an expert in micro molding for more than three decades. You can bring your ideal micro part design to their Booth, they can be your weapon for success.

PulseOn offers highest quality wearable OHR solutions for sports, fitness, wellness and healthcare. PulseOn technology is based on optical measurement of blood flow under the skin. When the heart pumps, the blood flow varies according to the heart’s pumping frequency. PulseOn’s sensor detects this variation from the optical signal and translates the data into an accurate heart rate reading with its sophisticated algorithms.

For more details about the exhibitors sharing their wearable products click on the exhibitor overview link. WT | Wearable Technologies and the WT | Network are happy to meet you in person in Hong Kong!

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